Mario and Luigi Developer AlphaDream Declares Bankruptcy

The company that was responsible for many Nintendo fans' favorite games may be no more. On October 1st, developer AlphaDream declared bankruptcy. The company is best known for their work on the Mario & Luigi RPGs. They were reportedly in debt for over 400 million Yen.

Developer AlphaDream Declares Bankruptcy

Japanese video game developer AlphaDream declared bankruptcy on October 1st, according to Yahoo! Japan.

Most commonly known for its development on the Mario & Luigi series of RPGs, the developer had been suffering from low revenue in recent years. As of March 2018, the company was 465 million Yen (4.3 million USD) in debt, again according to Yahoo! Japan.

Developer AlphaDream Declares Bankruptcy

In addition to Mario & Luigi, AlphaDream was also known for Hamtaro games

The developer started in 1991 under the name Maintenance & And Co as a construction company, before shifting to game development in 2000. They changed their name to Alpha Star and then changed it again to AlphaDream.

AlphaDream originally consisted of several former members of Square Soft before the merger with Enix. This included developer and composer Chihiro Fujioka, who had worked on some of the Final Fantasy spin-off games.

The developer's final game was a remake of Bowser's Inside Story

The developer’s final game was a remake of Bowser’s Inside Story

The developer began making games for the Mario & Luigi series in 2003 with Superstar Saga. In addition to this, they also made games for the Hamtaro franchise.

Before AlphaDream declared bankruptcy, their final game was Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey in January of this year. The game was a remake of 2009’s Bowser’s Inside Story.

The game wound up being one of the worst-selling Mario & Luigi games released in its history, selling less than 10,000 copies in its first week, according to GameDataLibrary. It is not known what the future is for the Mario & Luigi series going forward.

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