Life is Strange 2 Is Coming to Nintendo Switch in February

Life is Strange 2 is making its way to the Nintendo Switch in February 2023. After the remastered version of the original two games arrived in late 2022, the sequel to the Arcadia Bay saga featuring Sean and Daniel will be playable on the go very soon.

Life is Strange 2 Is Coming to Nintendo Switch in February

Get ready to experience the tale of the wolf brothers once more, as Life is Strange 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch. As announced on DON’T NOD’s Twitter Account, the sequel to the original episodic game featuring Sean and Daniel Diaz is finally making its way over to the portable Nintendo console.

Follow two brothers facing the harsh reality of the wider world, on the run from the police following a terrible accident. You play as Sean, guiding your younger sibling, Daniel, who possesses telekinesis, able to manipulate the world around him at will. Make decisions that’ll impact your journey, and the brothers’ lives forever. How will you teach him to survive in a context where the lines of right and wrong seem to blur?

Life is Strange and its prequel, Before the Storm, arrived on the Nintendo Switch in September 2022. Deck Nine remastered the two into a bundle, titled Life Is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection. Deck Nine gave no word on what was going on with its sequel, though, as DON’T NOD still holds the rights. Now, we finally have a confirmation that Life is Strange 2 is, in fact coming to the Nintendo Switch on February 2nd 2023.

Are you excited to be able to play Life is Strange 2 on the go, using the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below.

Life is Strange 2 - Nintendo Switch Announce Trailer (PEGI)

SOURCE: DON’T NOD’s Official Twitter Account

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