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Journey to Be Released on Steam

Previously a PlayStation exclusive, Journey is soon to be released on Steam, and is more accessible now than ever before. Journey has you take on the role of a wanderer, and leads you through stunning landscapes and untold dangers. Featuring beautiful environments and a sweeping soundtrack, Journey will set you on an adventure unlike any other.

Journey to be released on Steam

Cult favourite Journey (thatgamecompany) will be released on Steam in the coming months.

Journey was released in 2012 as a PlayStation exclusive; a game in which the player occupies the role of a wanderer who makes the journey to the peak of a far-off mountain. The wanderer travels across desert plains, caves and tombs, and eventually the snow scarred mountains, enduring hardships and danger to reach their destination.

Journey features minimalist but beautiful imagery.

Journey features minimalist but beautiful imagery.

Journey is an exercise in meditation, featuring beautiful landscapes, captivating music and puzzles which are easy to solve. The game has a multiplayer element: occasionally you may be joined by another wanderer on their journey, and you can help each other as you travel to the mountaintop. Communicating with each other is limited to singing notes, and you only find out who your Journey partner was when the game is over.

Journey was a hit at the time of release, and has endured as a classic in the years since. It was a PlayStation exclusive for a long time, until it was released to the Epic Game Store on PC last year. Now that Steam is due to release it in June, Journey is more accessible than ever before.

Journey will be available on the Steam Store on 11 June 2020.

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