Grimmwood Enters Open Beta

Explore, collect, and strategize with up to 30 players to survive the monster attacks that come at night in Grimmwood, now in its open beta on Steam!

Grimmwood Enters Open Beta
Monster-survival game Grimmwood enters its open beta on Steam today! In the 16th century-inspired village, up to 30 strangers, all real life players, must work together to forage for food, repair the village, and tend to their own personal needs before nightfall. Once the sun goes down, monsters run rampant, eager to tear your village apart to get to the tasty villagers within.

Grimmwood uses a procedurally generated forest for players to explore, so now two sessions are exactly alike. Players can drop in and out on a whim, joining into the game during its real-time 24-hour day-night cycle. Be sure you're contributing and playing by the rules, though, as other villagers can vote to kick you out if you prove to be a menace.

Grimmwood is developed by Big Moustache Games and published by Headup Games (SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell and Bridge Constructor Portal).

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