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Godfall’s Loot and Upgrades Explained in New Video

An interview with developer Counterplay Games shows off Godfall's loot and upgrades, as the game seems to want a balance between cool looking gear, and vast stat upgrade trees that will give players a reason to keep playing the game well after launch.

Godfall's Loot And Upgrades Explained In New Video

So, we’ve now gotten an in-depth look at Godfall‘s loot and upgrades, as developers Counterplay Games went into detail on their new game with IGN. A lot of time has gone into making the loot an enjoyable part of the game for different players; both people who want to play the campaign, as well as loot hunters, should have fun with the game’s weapons. For the developers, gear had to both look good and feel good: and, it needed to be worth grinding for. Therefore, a lot of tinkering and thought was put into the game’s loot system.

So, IGN explained exactly what this work amounted to in terms of the game itself. The skill grid offers huge possibilities for tinkering with gear to get just the right feel. Players can re-allocate their skill points at any time, so your choices are never set in stone. And, you can’t unlock every skill in a single playthrough, making the game extra re-playable. The goal is a very streamlined loot experience, with no hassle around reading through every ability description or option. Godfall‘s loot and upgrades are designed for entertainment; the weapons certainly look entertaining to use.

To sum up, the goals of the development team for loot, senior technical producer Richard Heyne said that they didn’t want to “force” anyone “to do activities they didn’t enjoy”. The philosophy behind the loot system is to have players feel like their is respected. Instead, the goal is for loot to be a “playground” for players: Counterplay Games want to make sure that it’s open to everyone.

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