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First major update for Northgard introduces new clan

Shiro Games has introduced the first new faction for their Viking strategy game Northgard, the Clan of the Raven.

First major update for Northgard introduces new clan
The new clan comes with a new update offering a host of fixes and improvements, including an overhauled combat system with improved controls and balancing, and the ability to purchase building slots. More details can be found on the official blog on Steam.

First major update for Northgard introduces new clan. Raven Clan
The Clan of the Raven are great explorers and merchants, with their mighty fleet allowed them to be among the first to set foot on Northgard. They are strong trade partners, but players need to watch out for their constant scheming. Brash and swift, the Raven receive trading bonuses as well as a new building, the Harbor which replaces the Docks allowing them to scout faster. The clan also has the ability to hire mercenaries to attack faraway territories and use kröwns instead of food to pay for colonization.

Northgard has been released on Steam Early Access on February 22nd and quickly became one of the most popular strategy games, being consistently featured as a global top seller in the week after launch.

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