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Firewatch has sold half a million copies

Firewatch, an indie game developed by a small San Francisco studio, sold half a million copies in the last month. Check out the trailer of the game as well as some details on why the game has reached such success.

Firewatch is an indie game. It was released a month ago by Campo Santo, a small indie developer located in the San Francisco. In one month, the game has managed to sell half a million copies. There is nothing strange in such huge success, as the game is a masterpiece in many ways. Firewatch delivers the incredible and breathtaking image. In the game, you see a landscape over the day, as the sun goes up and down revealing the beauty of the land. Beautiful lighting and lovely landscapes are not the only reasons the game is so popular. Firewatch also has an interesting plot as well as gameplay.

If you aren’t familiar with the game yet, here is the game trailer for you:

Firewatch - June 2015 Trailer

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