Februarys Free PS4 PS Plus Games

The second month of 2018 is here, meaning that a new range of free PlayStation Plus games are available now. Sony have officially revealed the exciting line-up of freebies for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita owners this month.

February's Free PS4 PS Plus Games
From February 6th, PS4 owners can obtain the titles Rime and Knack for free. Knack is the PS4 launch title developed by Sony Japan and the system's hardware architect, Mark Cerny. Rime, on the other hand, is a colorful adventure game released in 2017. 

In addition, PS3 owners have a lot to look forward to, as they will receive platformer Spelunker HD and turn-based RPG Mugen Souls Z – once again free of charge. Finally, PS Vita's free games for the month are Exile's End and tactical-RPG Grand Kingdom. The full list is below:




Spelunker HD
Mugen Souls Z

PS Vita

Grand Kingdom
Exile's End

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