EA Sports Cricket Will Be Back In 2019

EA Sports Cricket will again make an appearance with official licensed teams and players in 2019.
EA Sports Cricket Will Be Back In 2019

EA Sports Cricket Will Be Back In 2019

Cricket fans are in for a massive treat. EA Sports, popularly known for their fantastic FIFA, NBA, and almost all sports video game series, is setting to release a fully-developed cricket game in 2019. Their last title, Cricket 2007 sold over 50 million copies. Despite stopping the series, EA Sports Cricket 2007 is still played by 15 million gamers worldwide according to a report from EA.


EA Sports Cricket ruled over a decade by taking on Brian Lara Cricket, starting from 1996 to 2007. The chief drawback was the exclusion of proper licensing from certain countries like India. But EA Sports promises that the new game will feature complete license from Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) for player stats and faces.


According to Sportskeeda’s source, EA Sports says, “Yes, the board is currently contemplating on how to move forward with the cricket game. We did a market study and realised that close to 15 million people still play the game, even after we stopped producing in 2007. Hence, it only makes sense for us to acknowledge a strong potential there. We are also aware that there are hardly any competitors within this market. But, our primary objective if the game comes out in 2019, will be to acquire ICC and BCCI rights for the players.


“It’s no secret that India will be our primary sector of sales, and this time if we do venture back into the market, it will be with player rights. Our representatives have already had meetings with BCCI members, let’s see how talks progress.”

‘The Journey’

FIFA 17 saw a huge addition in the name of ‘Journey’ where you will follow the paths of a young player till he reaches the top. The cinematic gameplay with cutscenes and the option to choose our dialogues were an excellent addition to the football experience. EA Sports confirms that a likely mode will be available on their upcoming Cricket title too. This will, without any doubt, make the game an anticipated one.

Narrative similar to The Journey may feature in Cricket 2019

EA Sports said, “The game will be distinctly different from the previous editions, and will include a narrative similar to The Journey, where a budding player will begin his career in a country of his choice. All domestic competitions including Big Bash, Indian Premier League (IPL) will also be included.

“We are currently talking to all parties who can help us acquire these rights. For the India deal, we have an office in Hyderabad which is coordinating this matter. As I said, it’s very important for us to get the player rights, only then will we move forward. EA doesn’t want a repeat of 2007.”

EA Sports is greatly worshiped for their license schemes in all of their games. Bringing officially licensed IPL and Big Bash League will certainly enlighten fans. EA Sports continuing their Cricket series with fully-fledged player faces and licensing will certainly do trouble for Big Ant Studios and for their Don Bradman Cricket series. Although Don Bradman Cricket series holds the award for the best cricket game ever produced till date, it could change when EA starts revealing their game. The game may be produced using their Frostbite engine which made games like Battlefield 1 and Need For Speed top notch in terms of graphics.

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Ankit Dhaundiyal

Are they really making the game or it’s just rumour ?


When will the game be released then?



sir when you launch ea cricket 2019 cricket game on Android platform tell me.




BCCI are money grubbing a-holes just like EA so obviously there will be a power struggle of who will get the most share and eventually it will end up being a lost cause…


Should come ea cricket 19 in android PC ps4 in all department should come make new history its my suggestions


Add Pakistan super league and and equipment of cricket stuff


When is new cricket game coming out


Waiting sir launch soon as possible


cricket 2019 should come surely


I would like to see on the game The DRS and duckworth method and every ground in world to play at!


Add Pakistan Premier league to


Any developments?

EA Sports



I would explode if that is true. DBC is a good cricket game that quenched our thirst but what EA did for 10 years was something extraordinary. The market of cricket today has increased tremendously. The population of India, Australia, England and Pakistan can single handily make profits for EA.


World Cup game smart by EA


just title!


I think it’s a fake new


If EA legit releases this game i will buy this at any cost. I Hope this comes true 🙂


Plz dear change commentary plz English and hind option


Silly Point

Will this be for consoles i.e.: PS4 or is it just for PCs?



Many thanks


Consoles are always first. PC is done later nowadays. Because money is in consoles as it can’t be pirated easily.


game changer

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