Disintegration Developer Closed Down

V1 Interactive, the developer behind Disintegration, announced that it has closed. This comes after the game was met with a negative reception on release last June, and online servers were shut down in November after failing to hold a player base.

Disintegration Developer Closed Down coverThe developer behind Disintegration, V1 Interactive, has announced via Twitter that the company has closed down. The official statement made by the company’s Twitter accounts can be seen below:

Game director and president of the studio, Marcus Lehto, also made a statement along with the official announcement explaining that the wellbeing of the employees would be a priority during the closure. He said that they have been “transparent with them about the state of things for months” and that they would support the former employees while they searched for new jobs.

Disintegration launched in June 2020 and initially caught attention for its unique hybrid FPS and RTS competitive online gameplay. Players would do battle in the air as they ride on hoverbikes while also issuing commands to A.I.-controlled ground units.

Lehto was also a potential draw, being one of the original co-creators of the Halo series. However, when the game was released, it was met with a poor reception. It also failed to sell enough copies to gain a consistent player base, leading to online servers being shut down in November last year.

What do you think about the Disintegration developer being closed down? Did you play the game when the servers were still working? Let us know in the comments.

Disintegration - Launch Trailer | PS4

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    Man! I got the impression Disintegration was a good first attempt.


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