Dino Swords: Google’s T-Rex Runner, Now with Weapons

Play an all new kind of dinosaur platforming like you've never seen. With all new kinds of weapons and buffs in Dino Swords, see how far you can take your trusty T-Rex with all of his interesting and unique items paying homage to classic video game culture!

Dino Swords: Google's T-Rex Runner, Now with Weapons Cover

Play an all new kind of side scrolling, dinosaur flailing action with DinoSwords.gg, a supped up version of the classic no-internet connection Easter egg Google has implemented since late 2014. The game is simplistic in nature with a T-Rex that jumps and ducks to reach the furthest length possible. It’s a very addicting little game that captures the intrepid speedrunners and high score catchers alike. While the game has had many other modifications and versions from various developers, this new edition switches up the gameplay in a fun rouge-like way. 

As part of the online viral drop company, MSCHF, the game marks the latest drop in their 73 mystery item set. As the 28th inclusion to the company’s ever-growing library, Dino Swords is made in collaboration with 100 Thieves. In a Forbes article, CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Hagg discussed that the title is “our take on the classic Chrome dinosaur runner game, made extravagant with 26 weapons to help your runs.”

The extravagances of the title comes with the weird and interesting weapons that the T-Rex has access to over the course of his running and jumping. Appearing randomly in the sky are item drops that can give the dino a rifle to shoot cacti or a portal gun to go through them. All of the items players have access to do a variety of helpful or detrimental effects. The two pills for example, one upper and one downer can either make Rex go blazing fast or utterly slow. There’s even a cigarette that lets you imitate that classic Solid Snake look, Metal Gear style. 

Even the Hammer from Donkey Kong makes an appearance! Courtesy of MSCHF

Even the Hammer from Donkey Kong makes an appearance! Courtesy of MSCHF

The title is completely free to play online in your browser. While the game has so many different power combinations, there’s also multiple secrets to find. Hagg teased that there are “awesome prizes for the people who are able to show they’re the best Dino Swords players in the world,” which is a nice way of saying there’s definitely something bigger to uncover. With some great tributes and cheeky nods to other games with the pool of items, Dino Swords is a great mod to the already amazing Google mini-game. 


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