Dead Rising 4 Changes Make it a Whole Different Game

Dead Rising 4 is an upcoming survival beat-em-up with arcade-like gameplay. The focus is more on killing zombies in creative ways.

Dead Rising 4 Changes Make it a Whole Different Game
According to Capcom, Dead Rising 4 is going under a whole revamp. The developers released news that the timer portion of the game is removed, meaning that Dead Rising 4 will not be like the past games.

They stated that they wanted to create a new approach with this game and listened to the majority of the gamers wanting the timer gone. Not only that, but health will completely regenerate now. As for past Dead Rising games they've all followed the eat-food-to-regenerate-health style of gameplay.It looks like Capcom wants to put more focus on the killing zombies aspect of the game.  

Dead Rising 4 will also have a new voice actor as well as a new model for Frank West, with his classic one-liners/corny jokes worse within the game. Apparently it seems that he is a lot more awkward within this installment.               

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