Black Ops 4 Zombie Mode Story Trailer Released

As this years' Call of Duty is being developed by Treyarch, it should come as no surprise to hear that Black Ops 4 will have a zombie mode. With that, Treyarch have showcased the story for the fan-favourite mode, including a zombie tiger and the four playable characters.

Black Ops 4 Zombie Mode Story Trailer Released
From the trailer below, it seems likely that Scarlett Rhodes is the leader in the group, with her quest of seeking ancient treasures in zombie-infested areas. In addition, some of the content will be set on the Titanic on the Voyage of Despair map as well as IX, which appears to be set in a colosseum from the Roman era.  

Black Ops 4 is due for a release on October 12th 2018 and will controversially not include a single player. Moreover, the game is set to beta test a 'battle royale' mode, which you can find out details on how to take part in our previous article.

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