Avid PUBG Gamer Attacked By Girlfriend Wielding Katana

In a sinister piece of news, a man was recently attacked by his girlfriend while he slept. She secretly plotted her plan of attack with a sharp samurai sword she bought online with intent to kill. While victim Alex Lovell, who loved to put as much as twelve hours of the day into PUBG, sustained serious injuries, he was able to overcome his murderous girlfriend with a little self defence.

Avid PUBG Gamer Attacked By Girlfriend Wielding Katana
Despite sustaining these injuries, Lovell appears to be keeping his chin up in the wake of the end of a two year relationship with Emily Javier. He states “I was just so proud for beating this samurai wannabe crazy lady with hate in her heart”. While Javier was angered by finding a dating app on Lovell’s phone, the main instigator for her unbridled aggression was his gaming habits. He was known to spend upwards of twelve hours a day on PUBG and acknowledges this, stating “I wasn’t a sweaty nerd, more of an Ethlete”.

When it came to enacting her nefarious plan, Javier took to the internet to buy a katana which she would then tape to the side of the bed. She then proceeded to hide Lovell’s phone so he couldn’t call for help. When the time was right, and all was quiet in the Lovell residence, Javier seized the moment to strike as she wildly swung at him with her new blade in the dark. “I saw the look in her eyes and it scared the living poop out of me”, Javier states, “I told her I loved her and that she was killing me. She needed to call the police or I was going to die.”

According to Lovell’s continued account, Javier eventually got cold feet and did indeed call the police, informing the police of what she had done, prompting the response “You used a sword?”. Emily Javier is now facing an attempted murder charge and has a court hearing on May 7th. Alex Lovell sustained deep cuts to his feet and legs and doctors had to re-attach several nearly severed fingers. He may not be ambulatory for several months in the wake of the incident.

Avid PUBG Gamer Attacked By Girlfriend Wielding Katana - Clearly a strong willed man
Grim as all of this may be, Lovell’s reaction to the events is unexpected. During the attack, he was eventually able to hold Javier close and disable her attack with a bear hug. “I was able to wing chun my way to survival. The feeling I had when I won the fight with my bare hands is just absolutely the best feeling. I’ve played all the sports, won big games, landed some decent tricks on my snowboard. This was better”.  

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