Aporia: Beyond the Valley gets PC Launch trailer

A new launch trailer for Aporia: Beyond the Valley has been revealed. Set in the crumbling ruins of an ancient civilisation, the first-person puzzler is all about unveiling the world's mysteries and discovering who you are.

Aporia: Beyond the Valley, developed by Green Man Gaming, is a first-person puzzler which sets the player loose in a beautiful world full of mysteries. A new PC launch trailer sets the scene – a once mighty civilisation called Ez’rat Qin that has since become a ruin overcome with vegetation.

You awaken after sleeping for hundreds of years, hungry for an answer hidden behind a gauntlet of puzzles. Aporia bears a number for similarities with recent big puzzle game releases like Obduction and The Witness. However, Green Man Gaming stresses that there is no dialogue or text to influence your thinking; it's up to you to come up with your own theories about what exactly went down in the valley.

By choosing not to rely on written explanations, the development team has instead poured all of their efforts into making the environments as evocative as possible, with a keen eye being able to deduce the game's mysteries through sight alone.

For the launch trailer, look below:

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