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A New Smartphone Game Featuring Round Animals is Out

Like animals? Like them round? Have them both with Marblelous Animals, a new puzzle game developed by Moad Studio; it has animals inflated and rolling around. It's available for both Apple iOS and Google Android.

A New Smartphone Game Featuring Round Animals is Out
Remember that one video that imagined animals being round? Now there's a game about it and it's called Marblelous Animals. Developed by Moad Studio, it is a puzzle-action game that has players rolling the rounded animals into their natural habitat through a variety of obstacles.

The game is available on Apple iOS and Google Android and is free to play. There are 40 levels to go through and different settings, including the savannah, the dangerous desert, the mysterious jungle, and the great deltas of Africa. By collecting coins and completing challenges, players can unlock new round animals and levels.

Marblelous Animals operates through a gyroscope which will have the animal having to roll through different mechanisms including walkways, moving platforms, jumps, thrusters, and other objects.

Another feature of the game is different kinematics found at the beginning of each game. When selected, different animals will make short and fun kinematics. Other than this, there are different mini-games and continuous updates will have accessories adapted to different events, which will allow you to customize your animals.

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