Guile eSports started Indiegogo campaign

Guile eSports is looking for help from its community in order to keep talented and dedicated players competing and attending tournaments throughout Europe and North America

Guile eSports started Indiegogo campaign
Up until now the founder, Oliver Willis, has paid for everything out of his own pocket but he now needs your help to take this amazing eSports organisation to the next level

Guile eSports isn't backed by some millionaire ex-sportstar. It was founded by Oliver Willis, a gaming fan and up until now has been solely funded by him out of his own pocket. He has sent his fighting game players to tournaments, bought consoles and gaming equipment for his teams to enable them to play at the best of their capability. He also paid for the design of the team clothing as well as the website and graphic design costs for the logo and social media banners.

Support Guile eSports by donating to their Indiegogo campaign or spreading the word about it!

Guile eSports is a competitive gaming organisation with teams, players and streamers across Europe and North America. The organization has teams in Smite, Paragon, Paladins, Overwatch, CSGO and FIFA 18, as well as players in Injustice 2, Pokken, Tekken, Smash Bros and MVCI.

You can find out more info about Guile eSports on their social medias, Twitter or Facebook, the official website, and their blog on KeenGamer.

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