Xenoblade Chronicles 2: 8 Best Rare Blades To Dominate The Battlefield

With so many to choose from, which Rare Blades prove the best in Xenoblade Chronicles 2? These colourful characters will wipe the floor with any opponent. From light-hearted cuties, to cocky powerhouses, to edgy goths, there is truly a Blade for any occasion.

Blades are the lifeblood of combat in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The powers they grant to their Drivers make taking down the tough monsters of Alrest possible. With 8 different elements and over 10 different weapon types available, there is endless mixing and matching to be done when finding the right battling companion. These are the best rare blades to acquire while playing through Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Aside from the handful of Blades acquired during the story, most are gotten through a (thankfully free) gacha system of opening Core Crystals. Common Blades of every element and weapon can be got this way, but players are really looking for the rare Blades.

These are characters in their own right, with unique voices, abilities and quests, not to mention a big boost in power over Commons. With 31 to choose from (not counting those exclusive to New Game Plus or past Xenoblade protagonists), players can make just about any of them powerful team members if they want. That said, some definitely have more potential than others.

#8 – Kasandra

Having a Dark element doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. While most with this element are a bit edgy and cynical, Kasandra has a light and refreshing energy. This short, cute and cheerful girl is a sturdy Tank, useful for any Driver in need of one. Her Shield Hammer is a slow weapon, not making her the best for doling out damage, but she can draw aggro and take hits like there’s no tomorrow.

Kasandra's Awakening - Xenoblade Chronicles 2

This puts her in a unique place amongst Dark Blades, as most are designed to tear enemies to shreds. That does raise the question of why Kasandra is Dark at all. Truth be told, she is quite oblivious to the reason herself. The mask on the back of her head is an unsettling one; it radiates an unsettling aura that has a nasty habit of bringing misfortune upon others. When she smiles such a cheery smile, though, it’s hard to stay mad.

#7 – T-elos

Another Dark element, T-elos is odd because they don’t become available until after players have completed the main story. She originated as an antagonist in the Xenosaga series – the spiritual predecessor to Xenoblade. In this series, she enjoys an updated look, a similar attitude and some incredible power. It makes her somewhat of an unpleasant character to be around, caring little for her Driver’s orders, but power like hers is worth the trouble.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - English T-elos Rare Blade Awakening / Opening 60FPS 1080p

T-elos is a much better fit for the traditional role of Dark Blades. She is an Attacker by nature, using a Greataxe to cleave enemies into tiny pieces. Her Arts increase Critical Hit rates, and her Battle Skills continually boost their Driver’s damage output every time they fell and enemy or fall themselves. Some day the best defence is a good offence, and with T-elos in the fray, the offence is incredible.

#6 – Corvin

The last DLC Blade to be added to the game, Corvin is an interesting mix of attack and defence. For a start, he is of the Light element, the rarest element in the game. Having him in the party will help out significantly with Blade combos. He is officially designated as a Tank and has plenty of abilities toward that end, but unlike many other Tanks, he can still deal a surprising amount of damage when given the right tools.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - NEW Rare Blade Corvin Awakening - DLC UPDATE

His attitude leaves a little to be desired. He has excessive confidence in his abilities that often comes off as cocky, which rubs people the wrong way a lot. However, he has reasons to be so confident. His twin swords are said to hold unbelievable power, although he refuses to let any Driver touch them. It makes Corvin somewhat of a man of mystery that’s very beneficial to have by your side.

#5 – Floren

Tanks and Attackers are all well and good, but when the party is in dire straights, a Healer is the most crucial role there is. Just one look at Floren screams “Healer” in so many more ways than one. Often mistaken for a woman, they are actually male and filled with elegance, care and a kindhearted softness at their core. Nature is their one true love, and they hate to see it or their Drivers come into harm. So much so that their Blade Quests centres around healing a damaged tree.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Floren's Awakening

Rare Blades with the Earth element are always a hot commodity, as no story Blades have it. Additionally, the Bitball is one of the stranger but more useful weapons out there. Its fast striking speed means that dealing damage is easy, although they’re more commonly seen on Healers such as Floren. His Arts cancel Debuffs and half aggro, and their Skills increase healing capabilities for the whole party. Used properly, they’re sure to get you out of most sticky situations.

#4 – Zenobia

An intimidating presence and wearing barely any clothes, Zenobia is a hothead who wants to fight anything that moves. She uses a Greataxe in battle, although several cutscenes show she is more than capable with just her fists. Her lust for battle and strong opponents is matched only by her own strength, which often leaves her disappointed when it comes to the ease with which she wins fights. Still, there are plenty worse problems to have.

Zenobia's Awakening - Xenoblade Chronicles 2

As you may expect from that description, she is an all-out Attacker that thrives when fighting the toughest opponents. Her Arts increase Critical Hit Rate and boost the recharge on Weapon Arts, which is an awesome boon. However, the real boosts come from her Skills, which will increase the damage she deals when fighting Bosses or Unique Monsters, when fighting higher level enemies, and when fighting multiple enemies at once. Essentially, the more the odds are against her, the better Zenobia performs.

#3 – Vale

Another Dark Attacker, Vale fully embraces the theme, going full goth and never looking back. She’s got stark-white hair, the palest face there ever was, dressed head to toe in black and red, and even has a teardrop tattoo below her right eye for good measure. A more stereotypical goth there could not be. To be fair, when you have the ability to mow down foes with the efficiency Vale does, you’ve got the right to act however you want.

Xenoblade 2- Vale's Awakening [English Dub]

Being a Megalance user is a great boon as the attacks come in thick and fast, especially when using Combos & Specials. Speaking of, Vale’s Arts are great for slowing boosting attack power, focusing on back damage and reducing aggro. Her Skills all boost damage in some way, be it to launched enemies, side damage or whenever she busts out Specials. True to form, she prefers to strike enemies anywhere other than the front, making for lots of sneaky damage.

#2 – KOS-MOS

The Rare Blade with the lowest odds in the entire game, KOS-MOS is one of the protagonists from the Xenosaga games. Much like her counterpart, T-elos, her power is immense and brings something unique to the party. Her personality is quite cold, but it’s not out of malice. Instead, she is extremely robotic (even more so than Poppi, a literal robot) and has almost no capability for expressing emotion. At the very least, she’s keen to follow orders, which is handy for a battle companion.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - KOS-MOS Rare Blade Awakening! HQ

KOS-MOS has a lot going for her. She is the Light element, which – not counting DLC Blades like Corvin – makes her the only Light Blade other than Mythra in the whole game. She is an Attacker that uses an Ether Canon, which is a blessing and a curse. It’s quite a slow weapon, but it is more powerful and allows Drivers to attack from a distance and avoid drawing aggro. What makes her so brilliant, though, is that her Skills have multiple effects. She can lower enemy defence whilst boosting Special damage, and she can reduce damage taken whilst boosting damage dealt. No other Rare Blade has Skills quite as powerful as those.

#1 – Crossette

One of the DLC Blades, Crossette has a whole host of unique attributes that make her great. Her look is something very unique, bringing sweet vibes while still having sharp edges. Her personality is a bundle of fun. The way she idolises Pyra is very cute, as is the way she’s put off by Mythra. She’s all-around one of the best blades to watch interact with the world around her. She has strong caring instincts and never ceases trying to improve herself.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Crossette Rare Blade Awakening! HQ

As a Healer, she’s one of the most valuable Blades there is. She’s also got a Fire element, a rarity among Rare Blades and puts her in a prime position for Combos. Her weapon of choice is the Bitball, which had some truly awesome healing power. Her Specials all heal the party in some way, and if set-up right, she could take the party from near-death to 100% in one swoop. Interestingly, she’s no slouch when it comes to damage either. A couple of her Skills focus on increasing damage dealt, as well as buffing Critical Hit Rates. She can do a bit of everything, and it’s no wonder that she’s a popular choice for speedruns.

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