Stubbs The Zombie – Trophies & Achievements List

This essential achievements list will set you on the path to 100% completion, as well as a buffet of tasty brains. Mayhem has returned to Punchbowl, Pennsylvania! After sleeping for sixteen years, Stubbs the Zombie has returned to do what he does best in this revived fan favourite.

Stubbs the Zombie - trophies & achievements listEveryone’s favourite brain-eater returns to wreak havoc on the innocent in 1950’s America. To help you achieve 100% in Stubbs The Zombie, we compiled a comprehensive achievements list. This list covers everything you need to know about the game’s 35 achievements and how to unlock them.

Possible story spoilers ahead; read at your discretion.

Stubbs The Zombie Trophies & Achievements List 

Trophy/Achievement Title  Unlock Requirement 
Six Seasons and a Movie Demand a sequel 
Hands-on Parenting  Bon apetit
Crypt-O-Currency  Eat 2005 brains 
It’s a Real Groaner! 100% the dance battle. We thought that was impossible 
Stubbs Otaku  Your friends all just read that achievement title. You need help 
Fast Zombie  Beat the game in under two hours 
DIE WYE DIE Mahizeit
Cletus Defeatus Sooey! Feeding time!
360-No-Brains Land a jump tackle 
Sausage Fest  Load a jeep up with the squad 
Should’ve Hid in a Fridge  Get killed by an air strike 
Tanks for the Memories  10 tank kills
The First Law of Robotics  Get killed by a robot 
That Didn’t Go Well  Complete the painfully slow forced tutorial 
Reap What You Sow Now you’re getting the hang of it!
Don’t Be Suspicious!!! Give Stubbs a hand! 
Rock and Parole  Do it for the meme! 
Next Time Bring a Map  We know what you did
Dawn of the Dead  So many deals! 
Unprotected Whoopie!  You look good in those genes 
I Make a PP  Soil the water supply with your finely aged urine 
Army of Darkness  Neither rain, nor sleet, nor bullets, nor brains 
Does This Look Infected  Eh, shake it off
Meeting With Death  Clear your Calendar 
1 Easy Payment of… It’s been 15 years. You ate your first brain. Was it worth it? 
Un-Re-Animated  You’re a zombie that died 
We Got a Twitcher  BOOM HEADSHOT 
Obsessive Possessor  Posess each type of enemy once 
The Spleen  Stun 10 enemies with your Unholy Flatulence 
Car-Daver  Get run over by a vehicle 
Strike! 10 kills with a single Sputum Head
Dirt Cheap  10 Sod-O-Mobile kills 
Plowed Up 5 tractor kills 
Bust a Gut  Trigger a gut grenade in mid-air
Bahhh-Barian  You shouldn’t pet the sheep 

Good Luck, Zombies! 

There you have it! We hope this Stubbs the Zombie achievements list help you get the most out of this revived cult classic. The gameplay may have aged as well as its decomposing protagonist. Still, revisiting this irreverent classic is bound to be a joy for old fans and new.

Stubbs The Zombie - Launch Trailer | PS4

Stubbs the Zombie is available on PS4/5, Xbox One/X, Switch and PC

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