Reverse: 1999 Fish and Chips Trail Riddle Guide

In this quick and easy guide for the hit new gacha game Reverse 1999, we'll reveal the answer to the Fish and Chips Trail questions and show you how we figured it out. Trails in Reverse 1999 are small puzzles or riddles hidden about the main campaign and they'll reward you with in-game rewards, including pull currency, for completing them.

Reverse: 1999 Fish and Chips Trail Riddle Guide

Trails are a super interesting and fun part of Reverse: 1999. As mini-side activities that players can undertake as they go through the main story, these riddles give Timekeepers a moment to take a break with some small brainteasers – which, of course, award in-game materials for completion – while also enhancing the mystery element of the game’s narrative. Whether it’s being asked to remember a specific piece of information from the story, battle through a field of tough foes or align sections of a map just right, Trails are one part of Reverse that you’ll constantly find yourself searching for as you move through the different eras and chapters. 

The humorously named Fish and Chips is one of these Trail puzzles that you’ll encounter about halfway through R1999’s third chapter. Instead of asking for a recollection of specific information or a test of marital prowess, it will request that you fill in the blanks and answer two questions based on half-finished data. While it may be obvious to some, the more methodical nature of this Trail may make it difficult for others. Clear it, though, and they’ll award you with some sweet additional Clear Drop, the currency used to Summon new characters. 

Here’s how to solve the Fish and Chips Trail in Reverse 1999

If you want to learn more about Trail Riddles in Reverse 1999, check out our guide on the solution to the Unexpected Answer Trail, another riddle hidden in Chapter 3. 

What Are Trail Riddles in Reverse 1999?

As you go from mission to mission in each of Reverse 1999’s main chapters, you’ll often come across little side activities or stories known as Trails. These manifest on the map as small yellow symbols, with each symbol denoting a different activity: sometimes, the Trails will have you fight a small group of foes to proceed whereas others will ask you to answer a question or hold a dialogue with some strange disembodied voice who seems to know Vertin quite well.

Most of the time, you’ll need to complete a certain set of Trails to progress and unlock more parts of the main story. However, some Trails (like Unexpected Audience or Fish and Chips) are completely optional meaning that it’s possible to miss the rewards from them. These optional Trails will often reward small amounts of Clear Drop for solving them, with other rewards including more lore and records to add to the Atlas.

Some of the riddle-based Trails can be pretty difficult, especially because they require you to dig through previous sections of the story to uncover the answers. 

Chapter 3 Trails

Chapter 3 Trails

Fish and Chips Trail Riddle

Fish and Chips is another riddle Trail you’ll find in the third chapter of Reverse 1999. Entitled ‘Nouvelles et Textes pour Rien’, the game’s third chapter is possibly the most puzzle and Trail heavy of all the currently released chapters, which is very fitting given the circumstances of the narrative in chapter 3. To unlock Fish and Chips, you’ll need to progress to about halfway through the chapter until you reach mission 3TH-07 which is called ‘Scottish’

Upon arriving at the mission, you should spy a glowing yellow Trail symbol on the map. It’ll appear as a bright yellow question mark (?) in the solitude room on the other side of the wall where Vertin and The Ring’s chess pieces are. To start and attempt the Trail, all you need to do is press it. 

Once you’ve opened the Fish and Chips Trail, you’ll be met by a strange letter. The contents of this letter contain the locations of four different food products over three days, with some of the paper being damaged, obscuring some of the information. Next to the records of the food are two questions relating to the locations of the food on Thursday and you must answer both correctly to solve the Fish and Chips Trail riddle in Reverse 1999

“Where are the fish and chips?”

“Where is the peas puree?”

Fish and Chips Trail Question, Reverse: 1999

To unlock the Fish and Chips Trail, you need to reach mission 3TH-07 of the main story | Reverse 1999 Fish and Chips

3TH-07, Scottish

R1999 Fish and Chips Solution

In order to correctly answer the Fish and Chips Trail in Reverse 1999, you’ll need to enter the locations of two of the four food products. In total, there are four food products and four different possible housing locations. 

  • For the question, “Where are the fish and chips?” you should answer that they’re in the Basket.
  • Meanwhile, for the question, “Where is the peas puree?” you should answer that it’s in the Cabinet.

If everything went smoothly and you input both of the answers correctly, you will be awarded 20 Clear Drop for your troubles. Do be warned that the input system for Reverse 1999 is pretty finicky, often wanting an exact answer with the correct punctuation, spelling and grammar: if you’ve answered correctly but it isn’t completing the Trail, check the above conditions again and ensure that they’re all in order. 

Fish and Chips Answers

Fish and Chips Answers

Solution Explanation

Now that you have the answer, how did we get to this solution so that you’ll be ready for any future Trails that have a similar structure? 

The location of the food follows a strict order, but it would be easier to figure out if the paper wasn’t damaged. However, with complete or near-complete information from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday available, we can work backwards and make a list of where the food has already been. Ingredients won’t appear in the same location twice so, for example, if we know the Fish and Chips were in the Closet on Monday, we can eliminate that from the possible locations for the solution. 

By doing this for every ingredient on each day, we will knock out possible solutions until only one or two potential Thursday answers remain. This also sidesteps the damaged parts of the entry. Once all of the locations have been sussed out, you’ll be left with a schedule that looks something like the one below. At that point, simply pick out the Thursday locations of the Fish and Chips and Peas Puree to answer the riddle correctly. 

  Fish and Chips Bread Peas Puree Vegetables
Monday Closet Cabinet Shelf Basket
Tuesday Cabinet Shelf Basket Closet
Wednesday Shelf Basket Closet Cabinet
Thursday Basket Closet Cabinet Shelf
Odd One Out

Odd One Out

That was how to complete and solve the Fish and Chips Trail Riddle in Reverse: 1999

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