Mortal Shell Trophies and Achievements Complete List

Mortal Shell has arrived and seeks to cause torment and misery. If you can remain resolute, then players will have 26 trophies and achievements to fight for and Cold Symmetry will surely have not made it too easy - being that it's another Dark Souls-esque experience. Is there even a sun to praise this time?

Mortal Shell Trophies and Achievements Complete List Cover

Mortal Shell is upon us. The newest take on the legendary Dark Souls franchise seeks to put its own spin on the tried and tested formula. Featuring a Gothic setting and punishing difficulty, fans of the games will be instantly at home with Mortal Shell. The game also shares similar characteristics in terms of its accomplishments. The Mortal Shell trophies and achievements take on the form of beating bosses, parrying enemy attacks, and jamming with enemies? I don’t remember singing a duet with the Soul of Cinder, but maybe my sub-conscious was trying to divert me away from the mental torture of Dark Souls 3’s final boss. In any event, we have the complete list of 26 Mortal Shell trophies and achievements – which you can view in their entirety below.

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Platinum Obtain all other trophies.
Forever Alone Beat the game without ever bonding with a shell.
Face Off Defeat Hadern in the tutorial.
Seeker of False Truths Unlock all secret lore.
Fun Guy Pick 50 mushrooms.
Step Goal Kill an enemy with bear trap.
Life is Suffering Beat the game in obsidian dark form.
Brigand Life Waste your life away with Baghead.
Bars Tended Become familiar with all items.
Flesh and Instinct Find your first Shell.
Is This a Sparta? Kill an enemy by kicking them off a platform.
Bring the Glands Back to Me Bring a gland to Dark Father.
The Good Times are Killing Me Jam with a brigand.
Sugar Baby Spend over 50,000 Tar in the Vlas’s Shop.
Untarnished Parry over 100 attacks.
You Seem Different… Unlock all of the Shells in the game.
Different Kinds of Grisha Defeat all different versions of Grisha in the game.
Crossed the Threshold Complete Mortal Shell.
Faded the Fire Defeat Imrod, the Unrepentant.
Matryr’d the Martyr Defeat Tarsus, the First Martyr.
Tragic Loss Defeat Crucix, the Twiceborn.
Felled the Glandfather Defeat The Unchained.
Nailed It Kill Two or more enemies with one shot from the balistazooka.
It’s a Me Kill an enemy with a hardened plunge.
The Nihilist Renounce humankind.
Purrfect Pet Vlas’s Cat.

Will You Come Out Of Your Shell?

There you have it. The full haul of Mortal Shell trophies and achievements. Providing the game has the required polish, then I’m certain that this will be a game to test the patience of plucky combatants. On the plus side, if you’re able to topple even the most difficult and abrasive challenges, you can be rewarded for petting a cat.

Mortal Shell is now available to buy on PS4, Xbox, and on the Epic Games Store.

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