How to Create Realistic Looking Liveries in Forza

Realistic looking liveries in Forza may seem impossible to create but in fact isn't very difficult. Forza is known for having probably the most advanced livery editor in video game industry which allows you to create anything that you have in your mind. It's much simpler than you think.

How to create realistic looking liveries in Forza

The livery editor in Forza hasn’t changed much over the years but still is one of the most advanced design editor in the video game industry. Players got the ability to recreate whatever is in their mind and can express creativity however you want. With that said, the level of details within this livery editor is insane. You may have spotted realistic looking designs in the design shop and think for yourself how they even created that?

Get inspired by real life artists

The answer is simple and so is the design process. The only problem is the number of hours it requires to create such liveries. It can last from 5 hours to 5 days. It all depends on the level of details you want to include. But generally, you should take inspiration from real-life artists and see how they draw. You always start with a sketch and finish with the colors. That may sound like a no-brainer to some people but this also applies for creating designs in Forza. A little trick is to put the logo you want to recreate in the background with help from external apps

So, if you’re creating a face of a character, it’s going to take an extremely long time because of the details. Cartoon arts will require less effort but realistic looking art are, on the other hand, more difficult and time consuming. There are uncountable amount of lines which means you have to simplify your design anyway. Have a look at the video below to see how an anime character can be created with the livery editor in Forza

Forza 4 "Anime Face" Beginners paint tutorial けいおん! 澪

Now that we’ve seen how to create a cartoon face, only one can imagine how much that must be done to recreate a real-life person. It’s more shadows and more colors. But a cartoon looking design is the basics. What’s great about the livery editor is that the program adjusts your position when placing a decal. If you can’t exactly place your decal along the edge of a door, the game will know exactly what you want and help you move so it covers the edge of the door.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

No design is perfect because we do not have the ability to zoom in or out when creating a design. Nor can we replicate all kinds of curves because the program simply does not allow you to draw your own shapes. You simply have to eye ball everything. The livery editor comes with templates such as circles and stripes and with these templates, you can try to create any sort of shape. When creating, for instance, a sponsor logo, I highly suggest you make it as a decal and not directly in the livery editor. The advantage of creating it as a decal is that you have helping lines in the background so that everything looks more structured. 

When creating a decal, you have to make the decal big. That allows you to be more precise with the measurements. Also, when applying the decal on the vehicle, it’s going to appear huge, so you have to scale it down. But when you scale it down, your minor mistakes won’t be visible anymore due to its small size. Once you return to free roam again to show off your design to other players, your mistakes won’t be visible to them either. It’s such small details that no one will notice.

Aston Martin Vulcan with custom livery

Aston Martin Vulcan with custom livery

For people who want to create realistic designs must have patience. Just like in real life, it requires months of practice to create art and same goes for Forza’s livery editor. A great way to start learning the livery editor is to recreate racing liveries or why not express your creativity by making your own racing livery?

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