Golf With Your Friends Trophies and Achievements List

Get ready to see more birdies than a Hitchcock film as Team 17's Golf With Your Friends has 37 trophies and achievements for you to putt away in your collection. It'll be rough, but your friends will be green with envy when they see them.

Golf With Your Friends Trophies and Achievements List

Originally released in 2016, Golf With Your Friends has proven to be a popular game to play… well, with friends! The game found success with popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers, giving the game some welcome exposure, and the game’s popularity has skyrocketed with it, warranting a console port. Now, you and your closest confidants can go a fairway to strengthening your bond by trying to earn all 37 trophies and achievements.

Up to 12 players can compete to see who is the dominant force at mini-golf, across 7 courses – and free DLC – of weird and wonderful holes to master. With a variety of game modes and modifiers, the replayability of Golf With Your Friends is all there to see. All you’ve got to do is putt the ball into the hole. Easy enough, right? As someone who plays golf, I can wholeheartedly assure you… it’s not.

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Platinum GolferCollect All Trophies
Beginner PutterTake 50 shots
Amateur PutterTake 500 shots
Master PutterTake 1000 shots
Not enough time in the day!Out of time
The course is that wayGo out of bounds
Stay on targetGo out of bounds 50 times
TIMBER!Play a full game of Forest on Classic
Friends With Pharaoh’sPlay a full game of Oasis on Classic
Magical!Play a full game of Twilight on Classic
Sweet Tooth!Play a full game of Candy Land on Classic
Roar!Play a full game of Ancient on Classic
BOO!Play a full game of Haunted on Classic
Anchors aweigh!Play a full game of Pirate on Classic
Blast off!Play a full game of Space Station on Classic
Incoming!Play a full game of Worms on Classic
Unnatural HistoryPlay a full game of Museum on Classic
Fly, fly away!Get 10 birdies
Nice shot!Get an albatross
Getting good!Get 10 albatross
On par!Get 50 pars
Hole in one!Get a hole in one!
Treemendous!Get par or better on Forest Classic
Twinkle twinkle little parGet par or better on Twilight Classic
Can’t spook me!Get par or better on Haunted Classic
That was a rocky roadGet par or better on Candy Land Classic
Perfect!Get par or better on Oasis Classic
Paaarrrrrrr!Get par or better on Pirate Classic
Your Ancestors would be proudGet par or better on Ancient Classic
Scientific PrecisionGet par or better on Space Station Classic
Targeted DestructionGet par or better on Worms Classic
Historic AchievementGet par or better on Museum Classic
All the bells and whistlesPlay a full game with a Custom Game Mode
Three pointerPlay a full game of Dunk
Shoot outPlay a full game of Hockey
Golf With Your FriendsPlay a hotseat or online game
Who’s the food now?Get eaten by Gingy in the practice area

Par For The Course

A quick glance through this list suggests that this will be one of the easier platinum trophies to add to your collection. Nothing too difficult, just invite your friends, get out there, and do your best to channel your inner Tiger Woods.

Golf With Your Friends –Console Announcement | PS4

Golf With Your Friends is currently available to buy on Steam, and will be available on PS4, Xbox, and Switch on May 19th.

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