Geometry Dash All Vault Codes in 2023

We have prepared all Geometry Dash vault codes for all vaults in this guide. Here you can find how to unlock all unique icons, ships, colors, effects and even a secret level that you'll have to beat. You can even find out how to unlock these secret vaults with our guidance, so you don't miss any fun cosmetics you can unlock in Geometry Dash!

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On the first hand, Geometry Dash doesn’t look like a game that has any secrets or mysteries, but in reality, this game is slowly developing its lore as new updates are coming out. There are currently three secret vaults in the game which are protected by certain mysterious creatures.

Stepping into these vaults will give you access to a lot of riddles and other mysteries, which will help you uncover some secrets and unlock secret icons, colors, coins, and even levels in some cases. So today we’ll focus on each and every vault, how to unlock it, and all the codes you can type into them to get free stuff.

The Vault

The Vault is one of the few secrets you can find in Geometry Dash – it’s a secret vault protected by a guard canonically called Spooky. He’s an angry face with a padlock over him and a text box above where you can type secret codes to get certain icons, secret coins, colors, and all other cosmetics.

Geometry Dash All Vault Codes In 2023 - The Vault

Geometry Dash All Vault Codes In 2023 – The Vault

To get to him, all you need to do is obtain 10 user coins, which you get from player-made levels, and then just go to the Settings menu and click on the padlock in the upper right corner.


Here are all the codes you can enter and the secrets they unlock:

  • Lenny – The Lenny Icon.
  • Blockbite – Secret UFO.
  • Spooky – Shy Guy Icon.
  • Neverending – Another Secret UFO.
  • Mule – Secret Ship.
  • Ahead – Secret Spaceship Wave.
  • Gandalfpotter –Triangle Trail.
  • Sparky – The Secret Coin.
  • Robotop – Secret Robot.
  • (Your Username) – Eye Icon.
  • 8-16-30-32-46-84 – The Illuminati Wave. (Make sure to click his face every time you enter these numbers in order).

Vault of Secrets

The Vault of Secrets is also one of the few secrets you can find in Geometry Dash. It’s another secret vault that works the same way as the original “The Vault.” However, it features 9 more secrets you can unlock by solving the riddles that the guardian gives to the player.

Geometry Dash All Vault Codes In 2023 - Vault Of Secrets

Geometry Dash All Vault Codes In 2023 – Vault Of Secrets

To unlock him, all you need to do is collect at least 50 diamonds, and then head to the menu next to the play button and click on the door at the upper right corner.


Here are the codes you can enter in the text box to unlock some pretty interesting cosmetics and, this time, even a level:

  • Octocube – Octopus Icon.
  • Brainpower – Brain Icon.
  • Seven – Finn from Adventure Time Icon.
  • Thechickenisonfire – Dark Green Color.
  • The Challenge – Secret Level.
  • Gimmiethecolor –Dark Red Color.
  • (Number of Your Stars) – Secret Icon.
  • Cod3breaker  – Unlock a Skull Icon. (This one will activate a very complex math puzzle for which I recommend you to check the video down below).
  • Glubfub – Unlock the Secret Coin. (Skim through the guard’s messages and wait until he mentions Spooky, the first vault guard. Then go to Spooky and go through his messages until he mentions Glubfub, and only then come back and activate this code for a secret coin.)

Chamber of Time

This is the most interesting secret vault in Geometry Dash. Admittedly, the Chamber of Time is the most difficult one to get to, and it has the lowest number of secrets and stuff you can unlock, but surely it’s the most mysterious and interesting one in Geometry Dash.

To get to the Chamber of Time and unlock it, all you need to do is:

  1. Complete The Challenge – secret level accessed by typing the challenge into the Vault of Secrets
  2. Go into the basement that unlocks when you beat The Challenge
  3. Talk to the monster behind the bars
  4. Then leave that, and go to the “Coming Soon” screen in the level select area
  5. Click below the text, and a mysterious door will appear
  6. Because you can’t enter the door right away, buy the Master Emblem (500 diamonds) from Scratch’s Shop
  7. Go back to the door, and you will enter the vault successfully
Geometry Dash All Vault Codes In 2023 - Chamber Of Time

Geometry Dash All Vault Codes In 2023 – Chamber Of Time


  • Volcano –  Secret Wave.
  • River – Dark Green Color.
  • Silence – Alternative Default Icon.
  • Darkness – Face Icon.
  • Hunger – Hungry Icon.

With the help of this guide, you can show off to your friends your newly acquired secret cosmetics. We revealed everything you need to know about secret vaults and codes in Geometry Dash, and now it’s up to you to steadily wait for more content to hopefully be released in Geometry Dash 2.2. 

Leave your thoughts in the comments below or if you have anything else to recommend us to cover next. You’d also might want to hear about our review on Super Mario Run, which is a game done in a similar style to Geometry Dash but with your favorite Nintendo characters!


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