Far Cry New Dawn – Perks Guide

It's back to Hope County for another round of action-packed debauchery. However, this time you will face off against Far Cry New Dawn's venerable foes, twin sisters; Mickey and Lou. Although Far Cry New Dawn is a semi-shameless spin-off of the previous installment. Ubisoft's latest can be a tough customer unless you go in with the right strategy.

Far Cry New Dawn - Perks Guide


Far Cry New Dawn is the latest installment in the series, which Ubisoft began publishing from 2004 with the release of Fry Cry. This entry is not mainline as the previous installments rather it takes place seventeen years after the events of Far Cry 5. Furthermore, the game is not a direct sequel but rather a semi-shameless spin-off. However, Far Cry New Dawn continues the trend set by its predecessors,  and that is being a tough adversary when tackled without a plan of attack. Thus, this explanation on Perks and essential advice might ensure you outlast the apocalypse.


Perks are a staple of the Far Cry series, allowing players to specialize in certain kinds of combat. Far Cry New Dawn has a great selection of Perks, from stealth aids to the use of a grappling hook.


Far Cry New Dawn - Perks Guide. So colorful.


Every FCND Perk is useful in their own way, however, some are definitely worth grabbing before others. Though you cannot concern yourself with Perks if you do not have Perk points to buy even a single one.

Acquiring Perks

In Far Cry New Dawn upon either completing Challenges or missions, you will earn Perk points. These Perk points are the in-game currency for Perks, and Perks will grant you certain abilities, many of which will be vital for survival later on.


Far Cry New Dawn - Perks Guide. Crow's Feet, Eagle eyes.


Far Cry New Dawn awards Perk points in other ways as well and it ensures that you can farm as many points as you deem necessary.

Treasure Hunts

In Far Cry New Dawn, treasure hunting is one of the fastest ways to earn Perk points. Treasure hunts also give you the chance to receive valuable loot when you solve the available treasure maps you come across.

Guns for Hire

Far Cry New Dawn Guns for Hire (GFH) is the title given to companion characters that travel with and assist you in the Far Cry series. Other equivalent terms Fangs for Hire, Robots for Hire and Fighters are used to refer to animal companions, robot companions and randomly generated companions, respectively.


Far Cry New Dawn - Perks Guide. Man's Best Friend.
Guns for Hire in Far Cry New Dawn award you with Perk points upon reaching fifteen kills on the field. These Perk points – three to be exact – are awarded when you the complete in-game Challenge (15 Kill Challenge).  Furthermore, you can get up to twenty-four Perk points by simply using all your available Guns For Hire. In addition, you can ensure you receive these Perk points by having your GFH or follower target a single enemy in a battle.


Far Cry New Dawn has a variety of in-game Challenges pertaining to almost every aspect of gameplay. Thus, you can even farm Perk points with weapons. Although a bit vague, essentially, with every weapon you earn kills it counts toward an in-game Challenge and once completed awards you with Perk points.


In Far Cry New Dawn there is an abundant amount of flora and fauna to be found. You have the option to hunt, skin, kill, and catch different animals and fish. These complete a hunting and fishing Challenge, which rewards you with Perk points once accomplished.

Far Cry New Dawn perks 

Far Cry New Dawn has twenty-five Perks to choose from, as well as five special Eden Perks. Here are two tables, one for basic Perks and another for Eden Perks, with a brief description:


FCND Perks Effects
Grapple Attach a grapple to a grapple point. Reduces fall damage.
Repair Torch Repairs vehicles, cracks open safes and burns enemies.
Skydiver Wingsuit can be activated while falling.  Reduces fall damage.
Fishing Rod Allows you to fish. Can be found in the weapon wheel.
Outdoor Enthusiast Prey will not flee easily. Fish are easier to reel in once hooked.
Tactical Binoculars Equip binoculars that can be used to tag enemies more quickly, from a distance and in a wider radius. .
Hotwire Automatically disables booby-traps on Highwaymen vehicles.
Mechanic Reduces weapon overheating on machine guns. When in a vehicle, it will slowly repair itself.
Lock Picking Pick locks on doors and safes.
Saboteur Sabotage vehicles
Covert Decreases noise level while moving. Increases movement speed while crouched.
Dexterity Accelerates consumable crafting, sabotage, opening safes and supply drops as well as disabling alarms. In addition, the ability to throwback incoming dynamite.
Locked and Loaded Reload weapons while aiming with semi-automatic handguns or sniper rifles. Switch to the last equipped weapon more quickly as well.
More Lung Capacity Increases hold breath duration while sprinting and while underwater. Increases sprint duration.
More Fist Damage Increases fist and kick damage.
Advanced Takedowns Takedown rank 2 enemies.
Expert Takedowns Takedown rank 3 enemies. 
Master Takedowns Takedown Elite enemies.
Well-Armed Carry a third weapon.
Heavily Armed Extra slot for a fourth weapon.
More Medkits Increases carry amount for Medkits.
More Melee Weapons Increases carry amount for Melee Weapons.
More Throwables Increases carrying amount for Explosives, Throwing Knives and Bait.
More Light Ammo Increases ammo carry amount for the Handgun, Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle and Arrows.
More Heavy Ammo Increases ammo carry amount for the LMG, RPG, Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower, and Saw Launcher.


Eden Perks Effects
Leap of Faith Double jump.
Ghost Become much harder to detect (consumes Eden’s Gift).
Wrath Increase speed, melee damage, reduce damage taken, and be immune to knockdowns (consumes Eden’s Gift).
Eden’s Touch Takedowns replenish Eden’s Gift and health, and loot victims automatically.
Eden’s Gift Increases the regeneration of Eden’s Gift.

Perks to prioritize

Although you will likely have enough Perk points to purchase every FCND Perk eventually, there are some that you should prioritize early on. These Perks are Takedowns, Grapple, Lock Picking, Well-Armed and Heavy-Armed. The prioritization of those Perks is necessary as particular aspects of gameplay are either made more manageable or easier.


Far Cry New Dawn does not make certain aspects of its gameplay mechanics obvious, especially in regard to Perks. The FCND Perks can be upgraded and this gives you something to spend any spare Perk points on. In addition, Lung Capacity, Melee damage, and ammo Perks can be upgraded.

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  1. Does anyone know if the “More Fist Damage” perk also increases the damage done with “Wrath”?


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