Dwarves of Destruction: A Blood Bowl 3 Guide To Demolishing Dreams

From their tough exteriors, to their powerhouse playstyle, the Dwarves will leave you demolishing dreams in no time! This guide touches on what makes the Dwarves amazing. And how you can walk away with victories, while your opponent cries in a corner!

Dwarves of Destruction: A Blood Bowl 3 Guide To Demolishing Dreams

Blood Bowl 3the latest installment in the table top adaptation, offers a total of 12 factions to choose from.  Each faction have their own strengths and weaknesses but in this guide only one faction matters, Dwarves. From their tough level one set of skills, to their sturdy ability to take hits and lock down the opposition. The Dwarves are mighty competitors for all skill levels. With this breakdown, you’ll know all the pros and cons of this mighty faction. Allowing you to climb the leaderboards and rise to the top.

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Introduction Guide to Dwarves

Not known really for their ball carrying skills, the Dwarves tend to be a more brawling style of team. Sturdy by nature they come with powerful level 1 skills, making them robust and ready. With the majority of players on your team starting with Block and Thick Skull. The Dwarves tend to worry about the ball last, choosing to punish more than play. This does make them slower in return. So, if you are a speed style player, then their low movement might not be to your liking. After all, the ball can be moved after no enemies remain standing.

If you can get used to the movement speed of each unit, then that weak will become strength!

All Strength, Slight Weakness

Roster of Robustness

The standard team format in Blood Bowl 3 consist of 11 players. Normally a basic build consists of a QB/Ball Runner, Linemen, The Big Guy, Blitzers or Heavy Hitters. Good news for the Dwarves, their roster is simple and sweet. Ranging from your standard Linemen and Blitzers to your Heavy hitting Troll Slayers and Deathrollers. And, yes there is even a “Runner” in case the ball happens to land in his hands. The costs per player are pretty decent, but losing stronger units might be rough on your treasury. Ah, but that is what Apothecaries are for right?

Roster Of Faction, with costs per unit and other amenities for purchase.

Roster of Robustness

Dwarf Blocker Lineman

The Dwarf Blocker Lineman are everything you would want in an obstacle. Starting with the powerful Block skill and the sturdy Thick Skull. Then splash in a Tackle for those pesky dodgers, plus a whopping 10 armor value. These guys truly are a Wall of Beard.



Rolling Primarily into General and Strength stats allow you to choose from even more powerful skill combinations. Like Mighty Blow and Piling On, to deliver that punishing hit with the fatal follow-up. Guard and Stand Firm to become an unmovable annoyance of assistance. Or even Dauntless and Fend, to break free and assist in taking down those big fellows. With a total of twelve available for the team and a reasonable cost per unit. These guys make your starting line an annoyance to deal with at any stage in the match.


The Blitzer is a strong unit breaking away from their Linemen brethren for a more rushing approach. They do lose that sweet Tackle but gain extra movement speed and a additional skill to roll into.



The Blitzer still starts with Block, Thick Skull and 10 armor value Making them still a tough shell to break. Rolling into General and Strength as a Primary stat, still allows you to make that powerful bruiser you want. But, in addition to agility being a secondary, the Blitzers can also roll into the new Passing stat. You know, in case you want to try and throw the ball? Which brings us to the next ball moving unit for the team, and a sideline sitter the Runner.

The Runner

The Runner is there in case you want to take that ball downfield before everyone is bruised and beaten. Not as durable as their other brethren the Runner loses armor value and block for extra movement speed. As a result, this allows them to shuffle their legs up and down the field with ease. Of course, with speed comes squishy as their armor value drops lower than other units.



Starting with Thick Skull helps make up for that sacrifice as it still gives them a bit of toughness. Sure Hands is a unique skill to this unit, letting them snatch the ball with ease. Switching Strength to a secondary with Agility. Makes making this unit a brawler more costly SPP wise. But, they do keep General as a primary and gain Passing as well. Allowing you to make a, quarterback or whatever that thing is called. 


The Deathroller is the Big Guy for the Dwarf faction. A machine of pure mayhem and madness. With a 7 starting strength and an 11 armor value, the Deathroller rolls and keeps rolling. Strength remains a primary stat allowing you to expand on the punishment. But General, and Agility turn to secondary making SPP skills like Block and Dodge, more costly. Speaking of skills, the Deathroller rolls out with a slew of them. Offensive oriented using skills like Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, and Break Tackle. Even Dirty Player for those sneaky fouls.



But, the Deathroller does come with drawbacks for so much power. Like Secret Weapon, making it illegal. Loner, causing your rerolls to be crucial. And No Hands, which won’t let you roll down the field with the ball. Besides the drawbacks the Deathroller is an investment worth getting once the rest of the team has settled in.

Troll Slayer

The Troll Slayer is the last and personally, my favorite unit to choose from. They do one thing and do it well. Hitting and not stopping. 



Keeping skills like Block and Thick skull, Troll Slayers still have nice durability. They do have a lighter armor value but receive that extra movement. And with Dauntless and Frenzy, Troll Slayers aren’t afraid of any unit. Using a flurry of punches to prove it! General and Strength remain a primary, allowing you to further push the punishment. With Agility being secondary, for off skills like Dodge and Sprint. A costly unit but if built right, mainly with damage skills, can demolish anything.

Playstyle for Blood Bowl 3

As stated earlier in the guide, the Dwarf faction prefers a more beatdown approach, using fist more than feet. So, punch hard and don’t stop punching. Use the powerful Block skill to your advantage! Most units do not start with it allowing your units to stay standing, even in sticky situations. Use Troll Slayers to take down big guys, opening up holes of opportunity.

Abuse the use of Both Down, as with Block You aren't going down

Block Abuse

Punish early so and punish often, by doubling up your defenders and locking units up. Just watch out for those high movement speed units, for they can run circles around you. But if they don’t, remember to PUNISH, PUNISH, PUNISH!


A tough, rough and ready to rumble bunch. The Dwarf faction has a headstart among many others with their skills and rowdiness. Making them truly a force to be reckoned with. Use that to your advantage soaking up your early SPP to build your players into powerhouses. If mastered, you will have you opponents throwing in not just their white flags but maybe even their mouse from anger as well. Oh, and yes you can still run the ball if you want to with your Runner. Just remember, it’s so much easier when nobody is standing in your way!

Blood Bowl 3 is available for multiple platforms ranging from PC, PlayStation, Xbox with Switch soon to be included!

Blood Bowl 3 - Official Gameplay Trailer

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