Deep Rock Galactic Rich Atmosphere Guide: What Does it Do?

In this guide, we will go over everything there's to know about the Rich Atmosphere Modifier in Deep Rock Galactic. We will also touch upon what purpose both types of Modifiers, Anomalies, and Hazards serve in the gameplay department.

Deep Rock Galactic Rich Atmosphere Guide: What Does it Do?

If you have been playing Deep Rock Galactic for a while, you may have noticed something called Rich Atmosphere showing up on various missions in the game. Upon seeing this, you probably wondered to yourself, “What is that?” Well in this guide, we’ll explain what exactly Rich Atmosphere is, and what purpose it serves in Deep Rock Galactic. Along with this, we will go over the purpose that Anomaly and Hazard Modifiers serve in the game. 

Anomalies Modifiers: What is Rich Atmosphere?

Deep Rock Galactic’s Rich Atmosphere Modifier is one of the various Anomaly Modifiers that have a chance to spawn on the RNG missions. Anomalies including Rich Atmosphere all usually either a neutral or positive benefit in stark contrast to their counterpart Hazards. Some benefits these Anomalies can provide are the following: double XP reward at the end of missions, gold spawns in higher quantities through missions, and finally making it so firing at the weak points of enemies will do critical damage. There are also currently eight Anomaly Modifiers present in the game. If you want to know if a mission has a modifier, just look at the top right of the screen as shown in the image below to check.

This is how Anomalies Modifiers will look on missions in game.

This is how Anomalies Modifiers will look on missions in game.

However, Deep Rock Galactic’s Rich Atmosphere in particular will increase movement speed for both the Dwarves and alien creatures by 25%, thus making it one of the more neutral, out of all Anomalies. In addition, it will also make it so players can sprint while carrying heavy objects, such as Jadiz, Aquarq, and alien eggs. The last thing this modifier does has no negative or positive effect on missions, but just has the humorous effect of making all Dwarves voices sound as if they just inhaled helium.

Hazard Modifiers And Hazard Bonuses: What are they?

This is how Hazards Modifiers will look on missions in game.

This is how Hazards Modifiers will look on missions in game.

As previously mentioned, Hazards are the direct opposite of Anomalies and have negative effects on missions that vary in severity. Some of these effects include the following: player shields will be permanently disabled throughout a mission, players will have to manage a low oxygen supply, or an angry unkillable bug will spawn and stalk the player relentlessly. There are also a total of nine Hazard Modifiers present in the game.

Hazards also tie into something called Hazard Bonus. Hazard Bonuses increase the amount of gold and XP players will receive at the end of a mission. The amount that players will receive is also based on the total hazard difficulty. The total difficulty is calculated by several elements such as cave complexity, length, and whatever modifier is present on the mission. In addition, each type of hazard modifier will add up to 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30% to the overall final Hazard Bonus sum. Altogether all factors including the modifier will add into the ultimate sum players will receive that shows up as the final Hazard Bonus reward at the end of all missions in the game.

Deep Rock Galactic - Official GSG Narrated Trailer

This is everything there is to know regarding the purpose of the Deep Rock Galactic’s Rich Atmosphere modifier, as well as that of Hazards and Anomalies. We hope this guide provided useful insight into understanding what all of Modifiers do. Until next time Miner, and remember For Rock and Stone!

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