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Cat Quest – How to Unlock Golden Chests

Run into those locked golden chests and wondering what's inside? Don't want to spend 5k gold on one? This guide will tell you where to find the secret quest needed to unlock the key for the golden chests in Cat Quest, and with it a whole new selection of gear you can find!

Cat Quest - How to Unlock Golden Chests


If you’re reading this guide, then by now you’ve probably seen the golden chests found in both Kit Cat’s shop and within most dungeons. You’re also probably aware that, aside from Kit’s very expensive golden chests, they cannot be opened by your bare paws (or your cat paws for that matter). Golden chests in Cat Quest contain a separate pool of gear than what you get in normal chests. The stats are better and they look better, too, so opening these chests is well worth your time.

Cat Quest - How to Unlock Golden Chests - If you want clothes like these, you'll need to open golden chests.

This guide is also available to read on Steam and you can buy the game also for PS4 from Amazon or on Steam.

How to Unlock the Chests

There is one thing you must have before getting the quest for the golden key: Water Walking. Water Walking is a skill you will be prompted to get after you have defeated the second dragon, as part of the main quest. The quest chain to get Water Walking can be found in Pawt City (pictured below), which is in the far North West of the map.

NOTE: It’s possible that if you get water walking, but don’t complete the quest for it before going to the island, and you take the quest found there, you’ll lose water walking and get stuck there. Make sure you’ve completed the quests in Pawt City before going to Founder’s Island.

Cat Quest - How to Unlock Golden Chests - Pawt City

By now you should be around level 20-30, though the higher level you are the easier a time you will have (but it’s still doable at 20-30). Once you have Water Walking, head South back down to the starting village. Directly South of the town, and across the water, is the island that has the quest you want.

Cat Quest - How to Unlock Golden Chests - Founder's Island

There you’ll be given a quest to check out a cave for the secret to the golden chests in Cat Quest. If the mischievous nature of the three cats doesn’t tip you off, you’re in for a rough go, despite the quest’s level requirement. Make sure you rest up at their village to save your location.


Inside you’ll be faced with several mimic chests, all of which are very strong. It’s recommended you use a mix of the Fire and Ice spells, to weaken their defenses and slow their attack speed. When you go in, you won’t aggro every chest in the dungeon, just three, including the big gold chest, so do what you can to avoid getting to close to the ones who aren’t aware of you yet.

I would also recommend wearing armor that has a lot of defense, rather than a lot of health boosts. The healing spell in this game costs a lot of MP and gives very little HP in return. The regenerating nature of armor is a far better choice for survival in this situation.

Once you have cleared out the dungeon, head back to the GentleCats and tell them of your success. Along with the golden key (which works on all chests and doesn’t get used up) you will also get some snappy new threads to wear and a ton of exp. Enjoy the golden chest in Cat Quest!

Cat Quest - Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

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