Bravely Default II: 7 Beginner Tips for Starting Your Journey

If you're struggling with the opening act, here are some Bravely Default II beginner tips to help you get started. The opening section of the game acts a bit like an extended tutorial. It's not overly difficult, but you can do things to make it much easier while setting yourself up for the next chapter at the same time. The difficulty curve really kicks in by the time you reach the second area, so there's no time like the present to learn the ropes and set yourself up for success throughout the rest of the game.

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Bravely Default II was released by Nintendo Switch on February 26, and now you’re looking for some Bravely Default II beginner tips to get your bearings. If the barrage of tutorials have you intimidated, don’t worry! Despite its unique Brave battle system and a ton of jobs (read: “classes” in most other games) to choose from, the latest entry in the Bravely Default franchise isn’t all that complicated once you get the hang of it. Besides, I’m here to help you get started.

Of course, if you’re still not ready after reading this, you can always check out this article with 5 pretty great alternatives you can check out from Square Enix.

1. Don’t dawdle during the opening

If you approach RPGs like a lot of people do, you probably want to explore every available corner of the map as soon as you leave the first town. After all, finding free gear in random treasure chests is often the best way to get an early leg up in RPGs. Resist that urge to wander!

As soon as you leave the opening town, Halcyonia, follow the quest marker on your map right away. You’ll pick up two more party members almost immediately. Once you have them, your random battles will be significantly easier. Plus, you can effectively grind out a few effortless levels on all three of your characters.

Don’t worry; You’ll have plenty of time to get sidetracked later!

2. Examine your enemies

Whenever you go up against a new enemy, you won’t be able to see its HP, type, or weaknesses. Take this opportunity to use the Freelancer’s Examine command, which is available at job level 1. Examine will reveal the enemy’s HP and any weaknesses—and this information will then display automatically whenever you encounter the same enemy.

Examine these guys to find out their HP and weaknesses.

Examine these guys to find out their HP and weaknesses.

Defeating an enemy will do the same thing as Examine. However, if you’re unsure whether you can win a fight against unknown enemies, this command will be your best friend. Note that you can also use the Magnifying Glass item if you don’t want to use your job or sub-job slots for a Freelancer.

3. Take a little time to grind

The previous entries in the Bravely Default series were notorious for requiring some serious level grinding. This newest entry, while not quite as difficult as the demo, is no different. Luckily, you can press the “+” button in a battle to increase the battle speed up to 4x. You can also use the “Y” button to have a character repeat their previous turn’s action(s). If you Brave several times, it will remember which actions you took and in which order.

With your battle speed maxed out, you can rip through the opening battles in no time. If you commit just 20 – 30 minutes to grind out some levels, the first dungeon will be a breeze. Otherwise, you may need to return to town to rest and resupply. Those back-and-forth trips can take as much time as grinding an extra level or two.

Bonus tip: For a while in the very early game, you’ll have a powerful guest character accompanying you. Don’t squander this opportunity! If you prioritize your grinding during this time, it will be over in no time.

It might not seem like it, but 723 damage is a ton in the early game.

It might not seem like it, but 723 damage is a ton in the early game.

4. Learn the Brave system

Even as someone looking for Bravely Default II beginner tips, you probably already know that the series is known for its unique battle system. Using Brave, you can borrow your future turns (represented by BP or “Brave Points”) and use them immediately. Similarly, you can use Default to defend and save up a BP for later use.

While this system sounds simple on the surface, it lends itself to different strategies and playstyles. Cautious players can begin battles by using Default a few times to store up BP and learn their enemies’ attacks. (Tip: If you are this kind of player, enable “Press L to Default” in the game settings to save some time.) Aggressive players may choose to borrow all of their BP right out of the gate and gamble on their ability to wipe out the enemy in a single turn.

There’s no wrong way to play, so experiment to find what works best for you. Just remember: In boss battles, you should almost always Default a few times before you do anything else.

5. Use the Forage command generously

Early in the game, you’ll be short on both cash and supplies. The easiest way to offset this disadvantage is by liberally using the Freelancer class’ Forage command. Forage unlocks at Freelancer level 4, so you’ll be able to access it very early in the game. Every Bravely Default II beginner should take note of this skill.

Who keeps leaving these teeth all over the ground anyway?

Who keeps leaving these teeth all over the ground anyway?

Forage is a free action that will always uncover a random item that depends on your Freelancer job level. While you’re grinding out some levels, just Brave as many times as you dare, and make sure to use Forage before any of your attacks. Before you know it, your pockets will be crammed full of Potions, Mini Ethers, salable items, and even Tents. Having this surplus on hand will make dungeons significantly easier, and you can spend the money you save on better equipment.

Bonus tip: At any point in the game, not just the beginning, you should fill your last turn with as many Forage commands as possible. (Later, you can do the same with the Thief’s Steal command.) If you have a single remaining enemy close to death, Brave as many times as possible, then fill your first three slots with Forage. This will net you three more items for free!

6. Buy a few Star Pendants

Star Pendants can be bought at the very first shop in the game, but at 600pg, they’re a bit pricey. Luckily, if you’ve been using Forage regularly enough, you should have plenty of “Collectible Items” that you can sell for cold, hard cash. In addition to granting poison immunity and boosting healing power, Star Pendants also confer a whopping HP +500 bonus. This is huge in the early game.

If you use auto-equip, note that the game will probably unequip your Star Pendants, so make sure to re-equip them in the early game. While the added weight of the accessory will slow your characters down slightly, the HP boost is well worth it. Later, when the HP bonus is less relevant, you’ll want to switch to something better.

600gp is a small price to pay for an early-game HP boost.

600gp is a small price to pay for an early-game HP boost.

7. Don’t forget about your ship

Before you cross the mountains to the next city, make absolutely sure that you complete the “Borrowing the Boat” quest. Later in the first chapter, you’ll receive the quest automatically from the old woman you rescued on the beach. All you need to do is return to that beach to complete the quest and receive an excellent reward: Your own boat!

Once you have the boat, you can talk to the old woman to send it out exploring for you. Importantly, the exploration timer only moves while you have your Switch in Sleep Mode with Bravely Default II running. When you choose to stop exploration, you’ll be awarded a number of random items. The amount depends on how long you allowed the boat to explore, but that timer maxes out at 12 hours.

If you’re only able to play the game in short bursts, you should be checking in with the old woman every time you play. If you time it right, you can claim maximum boat exploration returns twice per day!

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And there you have it, your Bravely Default II beginner tips. You’re now ready to start your journey for the Crystals as a Warrior of Light!

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