Best Updated Tactics for EA FC 24 Post Patches and Releases

This guide entails the best updated tactics for EA FC 24 post patches and releases. The meta has shifted ever since the start of the game, especially after the October and November 2023 patches which included improvements to defending and nerfing polarizing skill moves. As a result, we've decided to revise our custom tactics and formations, providing you with newer and fresh tactics that are more relevant to the current meta.

Best Updated Tactics for EA FC 24 Post Patches and ReleasesEA FC 24 is a game where content drops every single day, providing players with a plethora of upgrades they can add to their Ultimate teams. On top of these releases, there are frequent patches, updates, and bug fixes that aim to keep the game balanced. As a result, the meta shifts often, especially after the latest November patch update which aimed to improve defending and nerf polarizing skill moves. Make sure to check out the best formations and custom tactics prior to these changes in order to fully understand all aspects of the game. This is because the meta is likely to keep shifting, providing the need for you to keep your options open. It is very unlikely that one single formation or tactic will take you to the Elite division. However, by understanding what works and what doesn’t, you’ll be able to master custom tactics and set them according to your preferred playstyle. That being said, these are the best-updated tactics for EA FC 24 post patches and releases.

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EA Sports FC 24 is available on PlayStationXbox Series X|SPC, and Nintendo Switch.

4-2-3-1 (Updated)

In our previous tactics guide, we mentioned that this formation is practically always meta no matter the game. Well, this level of consistency holds true as it still prevails as one of the top formations in the game following the various changes. However, the way to pilot this formation has differed a lot from before, especially with it comes to the midfield and custom tactics.

4-2-3-1 Formations & Players

More important than the tactics are the players used in each position. If you are running Harry Maguire at CB, then no formation or tactics can save you. As a result, we recommend using some meta-relevant players. If you want to have more fun and use your favorite players instead, then ensure that they have decent stats or maybe look into evolving them using the FC 24 Evolutions system

Your striker can either be a tank such as Halaand or Osimhen, or a pacey menace such as Evo Ansu Fati or Timo Werner. In terms of your wide players (including fullbacks), ensure that they are extremely pacey with decent dribbling. Diaby is a great, cheap option for a wide attacker whilst Lamptey and Walker do the job at fullback. In terms of your centrebacks, it is highly important that they possess good playstyles (such as Intercept) and are tall, strong, and solid. Luckily, there have been a plethora of CB SBCs including Blanc, Vidic, Thiago Silva, and Ledley King.

4-2-3-1 formation

4-2-3-1 formation

Your two defensive midfielders need to complement each other well. What this means is that you’ll want to have one that excels at defending and interceptions while the other should be more technical and able to drive the ball forward. The technical midfielder will act as a box-to-box, also being able to defend and intercept if need be. Previously, your defensive midfielders needed to be firm, solid shot-stoppers such as Tonali. This was because at the game’s release, defending was incredibly difficult. However, now it is perfectly viable to use two technical, agile midfielders who have decent defending. We use Evo Llorente and De Bruyne as our two midfielders and it feels more than reliable. In fact, due to their agility and smoothness on the ball, we are able to minimize mistakes and misplays, conceding fewer goals in the process.

4-2-3-1 Custom Tactics

In our previous tactics guide, we made sure to keep the tactics balanced due to the meta not quite being clear yet. However, now the meta is clearly defined allowing us to take a more heads-on approach when setting our tactics. In fact, due to how enclosed the meta is at the moment, these post patch tactics in EA FC 24 are generally universal and can work for most formations.

  • Defensive Style: PRESSURE ON HEAVY TOUCH
  • Width: 40
  • Depth: 70
  • Build Up Play: LONG BALL
  • Chance Creation: DIRECT PASSING
  • Width: 55
  • Players in the Box: 6/10
  • Corners: 2/5
  • Free Kicks: 2/5
4-2-3-1 custom tactics

4-2-3-1 custom tactics

The first noticeable difference is just how much higher we are setting our defensive depth. This is perfect for countering over-the-top through balls, runs behind the defense, and any jammy passes. AI positioning is way better now, allowing you to perfectly intercept the ball once you control your CBs or fullbacks. Note: it is important not to rush your opponent’s attackers, instead jockey (L2) and predict their movements.

Secondly, the offensive width is now also increased, allowing the wide players to truly feel like threats sprinting down the line. Furthermore, having ‘Long Ball’ as our build up play allows the AI to make accurate run-ins behind the defense. Overall, you’ll find that attacking is extremely versatile using this formation, opening up the door for many different options.

The most important tactic of them all is the defensive style being set to ‘Pressure on Heavy Touch’. This allows your players (midfielders especially) to press and apply pressure on your opponents once they make any sort of bad touch or small error. (Note: you might need players with high stamina or have access to some good subs on your bench). As a result, you’ll find that your midfielders are naturally intercepting the ball more often, allowing you to (as we previously mentioned) use players that are more technical and rapid rather than sluggish yet defensive. Another big plus of using these types of midfielders (such as; De Bruyne, Modric, Banini) is the sheer quickness you are able to initiate a counterattack. Simply dribble your way around their midfielders and lay off passes for your wide players or strikers!

4-2-3-1 Player Instructions

In our previous tactics guide, we set the LAM, RAM, and CAM, to come back on Defence. Again, this was because of how difficult defending was at the start of the game. However, with Pressure on Heavy Touch defensive style, high depth, and the patch that fixed defending, we do not need to do so anymore. Here are the player instructions for 4-2-3-1:

  • Striker: Stay central, get in behind, aggressive interceptions.
  • Attacking Midfielders (CAM): Basic defensive support (or stay forward), get into the box for crosses, free roam.
  • Attacking Midfielders (LAM and RAM): Basic defensive support, get into the box for crosses, balanced width.
  • Left Central Defensive Midfielder (Box-to-box): Balanced attacking support, cover center.
  • Right Central Defensive Midfielder (Defensive minded): Stay back while attacking, cover center.
  • Full-backs: Stay back while attacking, overlap. (Note: if you have a top-tier fullback with great dribbling, pace, and attacking, you could set that one to balanced attacking or get forward).
  • Centre-backs: Default instructions.
4-2-3-1 player instructions (CAM)

4-2-3-1 player instructions (CAM)

In this formation, our CAM often acts as a second striker, supporting our main striker. This is because often times, defenders such as Van Dijk will be extremely difficult to dribble against. As a result, it is helpful to have a nearby player to bounce the ball off of. Additionally, this is why we set our wide midfielders to balanced width as they will now be a valid passing option when needed. Furthermore, they will still feel wide due to the increase of the width in our custom tactics and by manually sending them on runs. 

Going back to our CAM, setting their positioning freedom as ‘Free Roam’ is an underrated feature that not many players utilize. This allows the CAM to play all over the attacking third depending on the situation at hand. He will not only prove to be a useful second striker, but your CAM can also run out wide if your wide players cut inside and vice versa. Consider this position as CF Messi in his prime, providing aid for the attackers, and midfielders, acting as a staple in the squad overall. Great players in this position include Evo Depay, Rodrygo, De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, or any player with all-around great Dribbling, and Passing.


The next formation we have is the 4-4-2. A classic staple in football, this formation is often generally regarded as old-school yet reliable. If you prefer building up play slowly and maintaining possession, then this formation is for you! The previous formation (4-2-3-1) was more attack-oriented, focusing on outscoring your opponents. This time, we’re running a balanced formation, allowing for optimal methodical planning and strategy. Moreover, this formation is excellent for manually sending your players on runs or for playing Co-op.

4-4-2 Formations & Players

Because we are running a two-striker formation, your attacking options in terms of what players to include have increased. We recommend using a beefy, tall, and strong striker who is good at heading the ball. Pair him up with a short and lean pacey dribbler. This way you can perform effective 1-2s and crosses. On the other hand, you could also go for two pacey lean players. You’ll run circles around your opponent’s defense, dribbling and passing accordingly.

4-4-2 formation

4-4-2 formation

In terms of your midfielders, the need for pace isn’t as high with this formation. Instead, focus more on players who can dribble in order to get you out of tight spaces. Furthermore, having solid passing is essential as this formation relies on passes and interplay. Following this same logic, you do not need to use super pacey wide midfielders. In reality, a technical player with pace in the high 80s is generally better than a pacey player with low passing. Despite this, pacey players are known to have great dribbling so that can still be beneficial. 

Your centrebacks are not going to change depending on the formation, therefore, you can use your preferred defenders. Fullbacks differ slightly but only when it comes to custom tactics. We’ll get into that momentarily.

4-4-2 Custom Tactics

Despite the image below showing ‘Pressure on Heavy Touch’ we prefer to use Balanced as the defensive style. However, if you feel as though this formation is lacking a bit of pressing, then feel free to use it. these are EA FC 24’s best 4-4-2 tactics post patch.

  • Defensive Style: BALANCED
  • Width: 45
  • Depth: 65 (or 55 if you prefer a more tame and controlled approach to defending)
  • Build Up Play: LONG BALL (or balanced if you want to keep things more contained)
  • Chance Creation: DIRECT PASSING
  • Width: 50
  • Players in the Box: 5/10
  • Corners: 2/5
  • Free Kicks: 2/5
4-4-2 custom tactics

4-4-2 custom tactics

The goal of this formation is to effectively maintain possession. Therefore, you can expect a lot of slow build up and passes before striking an attack. Do not be afraid to pass back, switch the play across the field, or hold the ball for a while. You do not always need to force an attack. Instead, try and plan things out slowly and steadily, whilst also keeping an eye out for holes in their defense. These are the best 4-4-2 custom tactics in FC 24 post patches and updates!

Another thing to note is the relatively higher depth still. You could always tone it down a bit. However, we found that 65 depth is perfect as sometimes going lower will result in your defensive line being too low. As a result, your midfield and defence feels like there’s a gap between them, giving your opponents more space on the ball.

4-4-2 Player Instructions

Balanced is the name of the game here as maintaining your formation and shape is essential. This is the opposite of the previous formation we intended for our wide players and central CAM to be free, moving all over the pitch to provide support. Now, all players have a specific role to play that they are generally confined to.

  • Left Striker: Stay central, balanced (or get in behind if you feel like they are ghosting).
  • Right Striker: Stay central, get in behind, aggressive interceptions.
  • Wide Midfielders (LM and RM): Come back on defense, get into the box for crosses.
  • Left Central Midfielder: Balanced attacking support, cover center.
  • Right Central Midfielder: Balanced attacking support, cover center.
  • Full-backs: Stay back while attacking, overlap. (Note: if you have a top-tier fullback with great dribbling, pace, and attacking, you could set that one to balanced attacking or get forward).
  • Centre-backs: Default instructions.

Your CMs should be set to balanced attacking instead of staying back. This is because if you allow them to stay back, they will sit deep in your midfield, creating a 4-2-2-2 type of situation. It creates a gap between your midfielders and attackers, ruining the tightness of the formation. In order to add further defensive support, our wide midfielders are on ‘Come back on defense’. This is not only for defensive reasons but also to provide passing options when stuck. In terms of our strikers, you could alternatively set one to ‘False 9’. This allows the striker to act as a CF/CAM, playing passes to your other striker and wide midfielders. A good player to use as a False 9 would be Messi, Depay, Felix, Jota, and Griezmann.

4-1-2-1-2 (Wide) All-Out Attack

Finally, this one isn’t a tactic that you should play all game long. Instead, this acts as a contingency plan for when it’s the 75th minute and you need to comeback. An attack-heavy formation, we’ll quickly touch on what you need to set it up.

4-1-2-1-2 (wide) player instructions

4-1-2-1-2 (wide) player instructions

Before we get into the custom tactics, we’ll quickly brush over the player instructions as they are not complicated at all. Basically, you must set all positions to stay/get forward and get into the box for crosses. Add ‘aggressive interceptions’ and you’ve got yourself the package you need to attack and attack. Note: your players’ stamina will deplete fast so make sure you get some pacey subs ready for this ultimate barrage of attacking play. Great super subs include; Salma Paralluelo, Diaby, and Lozano.

4-1-2-1-2 Custom Tactics

  • Defensive Style: CONSTANT PRESSURE
  • Width: 55
  • Depth: 80
  • Build Up Play: FAST BUILD UP (Need to be efficient with chances or else susceptible to counterattacks)
  • Chance Creation
  • Width: 50
  • Players in the Box: 10/10
  • Corners: 4/5 (Can tone it down if you feel as though you cannot defend counterattacks well enough)
  • Free Kicks: 4/5

Pressure, pressure, pressure. Attacking is the name of the game and you will be quite literally attacking your opponent’s players. You must win the ball at any cost. Afterward, make sure you score after winning possession or you could immediately concede to a counter attack. Thankfully, this formation is built for you to activate at around 2-0 or 3-0, making it so that if you conceded, you were probably going to lose anyway. These custom tactics at least give you a fighting chance at getting back into the game.

That being said, these were the best custom tactics for EA FC 24 post patches and releases.

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