9 Tips for European War 6 Campaigns

European War 6 is an intriguing turn-based strategy game that includes an American Revolutionary War campaign. Are you ready for the revolution? If not, check out the tips below for European War 6 campaign battles.

9 Tips for European War 6 Campaigns
European War 6 is the latest installment to EasyTech’s European War series. This game expands the series with 18th century wars in North America, such as the American Revolutionary War. It also includes 19th century European campaigns like European War 4: Napoleon. Thus, players can battle it out in both North America and Europe!

Consequently, the game is bigger and better than European War 4. European War 6 is a freemium Android and iOS game you can download from Google Play or iTunes App Store. MS Store includes a Windows 10 version.

European War 6’s campaigns are undoubtedly the most intriguing addition to the game. Playing through those provide an enlightening insight on European and North American history. Here are a few hints and tips for winning campaign battles in EW 6.

Flank Enemy Divisions

Flanking is just as essential in European War 6 as it was in EW 4. Players flank enemy divisions by placing units on two opposite sites of them as shown in the snapshot directly below. This will reduce the morale of enemy divisions, which will ensure that you inflict more damage on them. Therefore, you’ve got to flank enemy units as much as possible to emerge victorious in campaign battles.

9 Tips for European War 6 Campaigns. A flanked division
Also keep your own units out of flanked positions. Whenever the enemy flanks you, move your division to a unflanked position before attacking. If you really can’t move a division out of a flanked position, try flanking some of the units that are flanking it with other divisions to balance the playing field.

Eliminate Enemy Generals ASAP

Generals hold the key to victory for both yourself and your enemies. Therefore, you should give greater priority to eliminating enemy generals than standard divisions. Eliminating generals as soon as possible will minimize the amount of damage they can inflict on your army and can also reduce the morale of the opposing army in some campaign battles.

Take Note of the Terrain When Attacking

European War 6's map terrain can include pre-built bunkers, trenches and barriers that provide defense or attack bonus for units. However, natural terrains such as mountains, hills and forests also reduce the impact of cavalry and cannon attacks. Move your units onto terrain that provides defense or attack bonuses when you can. Avoid moving cavalry and cannons onto mountains and forests when you can as those terrains reduce those divisions’ attacks by five percent

9 Tips for European War 6 Campaigns. Mountain terrain

Upgrade Cities Quickly

Players can upgrade cities’ markets, industrial zones, farms, military academies and national technologies during campaigns. It’s usually better to upgrade the cities you start with during the early turns with your starting budget when you don’t need new divisions so urgently. Upgrading markets, farms and industrial zones quickly will ensure you can recruit more and better divisions throughout the battle. Players that delay upgrading cities might find themselves a little short during crucial campaign moments when they really need reinforcements. So, make sure that you upgrade the markets, industrial zones and farms soon after you capture cities. Upgrading national technologies can get expensive, but it’s worth doing as you’ll then be able to recruit new unit types and upgrade the city further.

Move Troops Across Water if You Can

Some campaign maps include seas that can provide handy shortcut for moving troops. Land divisions become sailboats when players move them into the sea. Divisions move more quickly as sailboats than when they’re on land. Thus, you can move your divisions across the sea further than on land in a single turn. I don’t recommend moving divisions across a sea filled with enemy warships. However, move your divisions across the sea when there’s little chance of enemy ships intercepting them.

Besiege Cities With Artillery

Artillery is essential to capturing cities in European War 6 campaigns. Infantry and cavalry typically inflict only 50 to 75 percent damage on city defense units. Thus, attempting to take a city with just infantry and cavalry can be a slow and costly process; and you can’t afford to waste too much time in campaigns. Light and heavy artillery inflict 135 percent damage on city defense units. So, you’ll capture cities more quickly with some artillery to blast with.

Artillery also comes in handy for destroying fortifications. Campaign maps include enemy fortifications that a couple of heavy artillery units will wipe out much more quickly than numerous infantry and cavalry. Furthermore, players can also devastate enemy warships with artillery fire along the coast.

Assign Generals to Divisions With Higher HP and Attack Values

Players can assign their generals to infantry, cavalry and artillery divisions by tapping the hat icon. To ensure your generals last longer, assign them to divisions with higher HP and attack values. Grenadiers, Elite Light Infantry, Heavy Cavalry and Heavy Artillery are some of the better divisions to assign generals to. Don’t assign your generals to weaker divisions, such as Militia, Line Infantry and Light Cavalry. You might need to upgrade a city a little bit before you can recruit the stronger divisions. However, players don’t need to assign all generals right at the start of a battle.

Check Units’ Weapon and Armor Percentage Stats

All the units in European War 6 have weapons and armor percentage stats that highlight what divisions they inflict more damage on. Players can check the stats for a division by tapping its I icon to open the Unit Info window. That window includes weapons and armor stats as shown in the snapshot below.

9 Tips for European War 6 Campaigns. Unit stats
The Unit Info page shows each division’s strengths and weaknesses. Try to attack divisions with units that will inflict higher percentage damage on them. For example, infantry divisions armed with muskets inflict 125 percent damage on Light Cavalry. In comparison, cavalry divisions’ cold weapons inflict 100 percent damage on Light Cavalry. Therefore, it’s better to attack medium armored Light Cavalry with infantry.

Replenish General Divisions

Some cities include cathedrals players can move their units onto to heal them. A cathedral replenishes a division’s energy by eight percent each turn the unit is stationed on it. Players can keep their generals in the battle longer by moving them onto cathedrals when they’re very low on energy. Leaving a general on a cathedral over five turns will restore its energy by 40 percent. Return the general to the frontline when it has recovered enough energy to have some impact on the battle again.
9 Tips for European War 6 Campaigns. A cathedral
Those are a few tips and strategies that might get you through European War 6’s campaigns more quickly. Now you can kick Britain out of America for good in EW 6!

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