8 World Of Tanks Blitz Tips For Beginners

World of Tanks Blitz is the hottest multiplayer tank game for mobile devices. Read our World of Tanks Blitz beginners tips to conquer the competition! If you recently added this pulsating tank blast em’ up to your Android or iOS mobile device, it's essential.

8 World of Tanks Blitz Tips for Beginners Cover

World of Tanks Blitz is a great tank-busting multiplayer game that you can play on Android and iOS mobiles. This game pits two teams of seven World War 2 tanks against each other on a wide variety of maps. The team that destroys all the enemy tanks, or captures the base flag, wins the match! It might sound like a simple game, but there’s a lot more to World of Tanks. Here are a few World of Tanks Blitz tips for beginners new to the game.

1. Shoot at the rears and sides of tanks

Tanks are most heavily armored from the front. Therefore, you’ll inflict more damage on tanks by shooting at the rears and sides of them, where their armor is weaker. The back of a tank is an especially good spot to aim for as that’s where the engine is. Shooting at the sides of tanks can also damage their tracks, which will slow them down. Try to get yourself in positions where you can shoot at tanks from the side or back of them.

The side of a tank

The side of a tank

2. Reduce your shells’ angle of impact

The best time to shoot at the side of an enemy tank is when you’re directly perpendicular to it (90 degrees). A square on shot at the side will inflict the most damage. Always try to reduce the shooting angle at a target so that it’s as close to perpendicular as possible.

If you fire at a tank that’s turned more than 70 degrees off the ideal perpendicular trajectory, your shells will bounce off it (ricochet). To avoid ricochets, you’ll need to reduce the angle of your fire so that it’s less than 70 degrees off the ideal perpendicular trajectory.

You can also utilize ricochets to your advantage. Sidescraping is a playing tactic in which players turn their vehicles so that enemy shells hit them at more than 70 degrees to a perpendicular shot trajectory. The official World of Tanks video below explains how players can block damage with ricochets in more detail.

World of Tanks - How to Block Damage

3. Avoid heavy tanks with light tanks

Light tanks have good speed and manoeuvreability, but their guns and armor protection are generally weak. So, it’s usually a bad idea for a light tank to pick a fight with a heavily armored heavy tank. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll find that your light tank’s shells can’t even penetrate a heavy tank! In which case, your shots will have absolutely no impact on it. When playing with a light tank, target light or medium tanks that your shells will more likely penetrate.

You can tell if your shells will penetrate another tank’s armor with your sniper mode targeting. The sniper mode scope highlights parts of a tank your shells can’t penetrate in solid red. If a tank looks very red when you’re aiming at with scope, your shells won’t penetrate its armor. Heavy tanks will often be red when you target them with light ones.

A red heavy tank

A red heavy tank

4. Select Same Control Mode

World of Tanks is a cross-platform multiplayer game that pits Windows players against those playing with mobile devices. If you prefer not to play Windows players with keyboard and mouse controls, select the Same Control Mode option. To do so, tap Settings and Other in World of Tanks Blitz. Then you can toggle the Same Control Mode setting on.

The Same Control Mode option

The Same Control Mode option

5. Stay close to cover or camouflage

Stay close to cover or camouflage, primarily in the form of bushes, during matches. Cover such as large rocks, buildings, and walls will protect you from enemy fire and also make it harder for the other team to spot you. Move behind your cover after firing at hostiles when your gun is reloading.

Camouflage won’t protect you from fire, but it will conceal your tank. Most maps include plenty of bushes that are the most obvious form of camouflage. When you’re camouflaged in bushes, you can spot enemies without getting spotted. However, make sure you’ve got all your tank’s checkpoints covered when in bushes to ensure you’re truly camouflaged. The World of Tanks video below discusses checkpoints, viewpoints, and the game’s visibility system in greater detail.

World of Tanks - Explaining Mechanics: Visibility System

6. Focus on eliminating enemy tanks (instead of capturing flag)

Teams can win World of Tanks matches by eliminating all enemy tanks or capturing a map’s base flag that’s within a small circle. The vast majority of World of Tanks matches are won by teams eliminating all enemy tanks. Thus, focus on eliminating tanks at the start of matches.

Trying to capture the flag at the beginning of matches, when teams have an equal number of tanks, can often backfire. For starters, moving into the flag’s circle gives away your tank’s position. You will attract at least a few enemy tanks toward you. Then you’ll be a sitting duck in a small circle that usually offers little cover, which can leave you very vulnerable to enemy fire from various directions.

It’s better to try capturing the base flag toward the end of a match when your team is winning and outnumbers remaining hostiles. Moving onto the flag circle will usually leave remaining enemy tanks little option but to come out and try to stop a capture. Your teammates can then close in on them to finish them off. Alternatively, they can assist with a flag capture that’s more likely when your team has twice as many tanks left than the enemy.

The base flag

The base flag

7. Don’t wander off on your own

You can’t win World of Tanks matches all on your own, can you? If you wonder off into parts of the map on your own, without allied tanks nearby, you might become an easy lone target for two, or more, enemies to pick off. Always try to stay reasonably close to at least a few allied tanks so that you can provide support fire for them, and vice versa. With a few allied tanks nearby, you can try some flanking manoeuvres (flank fire) on hostiles they’re shooting at.

8. Watch the video ads to exchange gold for credits

The most disappointing thing about World of Tanks Blitz is that you can’t play any ranked multiplayer matches until you have a tier VII (7) tank. Consequently, you have to level up your tanks an awful lot to reach ranked play without making any in-app purchases.

To level up your tanks as quickly as possible, make the most of the in-app video ads. You can watch five YouTube ads a day by tapping the green ad button on World of Tanks Blitz’s home screen. Watching one of those ads will give you 10 gold, which you can convert to credits to upgrade tanks with. Tap the credits button at the top of the home screen to open the gold to credit converter. Converting 10 gold will give you 4,000 credits, which amounts to 20,000 for five videos.

The gold and credit exchange utility

The gold and credit exchange utility

You can also watch a finite number of XP and credit video ads after matches in a day. Those give you an XP and credit bonus that depends on how much XP and credit you amass for a match. Make the most of those videos by watching them after your better matches to get a bigger bonus.

The above World of Tanks Blitz tips are more specifically for the mobile game. However, most of those tips are equally relevant for the Windows World of Tanks that has the same game mechanics. Those tips will ensure you wreak more damage and survive longer in WoT matches.

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