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8 Tips for Napoleon: Total War Campaigns

Napoleon: Total War includes numerous French Empire and Coalition campaigns to play through. Are you searching for some Napoleon: Total War campaign tips? Below are a few handy NTW tips for any of the game's campaigns.

8 Tips for Napoleon: Total War Campaigns
Napoleon: Total War, like all the other games in its series, is both a turn-based and real-time strategy game. The game includes expansive campaign maps to battle it on with the French Empire and Coalition armies. Your economic and diplomatic strategies on the campaign map are just as essential as battlefield tactics to emerging victorious in Napoleon: Total War. These are eight tips that will give you a better chance of victory in the game's campaigns.

Build Up Your Road Infrastructure

Road infrastructure is crucial to winning Napoleon: Total War campaigns. A nation's road network is essential to your army as it increases movement speeds on campaign maps and boosts replenishment rates. Thus, your armies will move faster on maps and replenish their energy more quickly when you've invested in roads. Furthermore, the roads also boost town wealth in each region. As such, build up your road infrastructure as much as you can.

8 Tips for Napoleon: Total War Campaigns. A campaign map in winter

Rout Armies

When you've won a battle, you can select to continue it when the other army is routing. If you don't continue the battle, the routing divisions will escape and might even regroup to launch a counter-attack. So always select to continue the battle when you have a cavalry division that can charge them down. Then you can wipe out the routing divisions with your cavalry to ensure there isn't much left of the enemy army after the battle. Infantry units can also fire at routing divisions, but they can't usually move quickly enough to intercept them with melee charges.

Establish Trade Agreements

Trade agreements will provide a considerable boost to your nation's economy. As such, establish trade agreements with as many nations as possible. It's generally better to trade with nations that border your own as no sea routes are then required. Thus, there's more chance of sea trade routes getting severed when you trade with nations via ports. Note that you also get a trading bonus when you trade with a nation for longer periods.

8 Tips for Napoleon: Total War Campaigns. The Vienna regional capital

Exchange Tech

To get tech more quickly, consider exchanging tech. Offer nations one of your technologies in exchange for one of theirs. Nations that you have better relations with will probably more likely exchange tech. Minor nations might also be more likely to exchange tech with you. If you exchange tech with numerous nations, you can get tech more quickly than most of the other nations in the campaign.

Make the Most of Spies

Spies are invaluable for lifting the fog of war on campaign maps. Planting spies in capitals will lift the fog of war for entire regions on the map after five turns, which can reveal lots of enemy army positions. You can also utilize spies as scouting units on the map. Furthermore, spies reveal some of the divisions stationed in cities, which can come in handy for planning battles. So build Secret Society buildings that will give you more spies during campaigns.

Don't Attack Immediately to Defend Besieged Cities

When an enemy army besieges a regional capital, you'll have five turns before the defending army surrenders. Those turns can buy you time to rush reinforcements to the besieged city from your nearest regional capitals. If you've built up your road network, you might be able to move reinforcements within a single turn. So don't rush in and attack an army as soon as it besieges one of your cities. Instead, check if you can move some divisions out of your nearby cities to provide further reinforcements for the besieged regional capital.

When you attack a regional capital, you'll also give the enemy nation some time to reinforce it if you prolong the siege. Defending armies seldom, if ever, surrender cities. As such, it's usually better to strike at cities as soon as you can instead of prolonging sieges.
8 Tips for Napoleon: Total War Campaigns. A city under siege

Build and Upgrade Markets

Players can choose to add a market or supply posts to their commercial centers. It's better to select markets as they will give your nation's economy a notable boost. A basic market boosts town wealth growth in the region by +6 a turn. You can upgrade markets to merchant and banking buildings that provide a 1 and 2 global town wealth growth rate per turn and up to a +24 wealth boost per turn for towns in the commercial centre's region. The banks also give their regions a +200 wealth boost.

Don't Get Sucked Into Too Many Wars

This might be a Total War game, but you can only take on so many nations at once (especially at the start of a campaign). Thus, be careful not to get your nation sucked into too many wars that will leave your military occupied on multiple fronts. If your nation is at war with more than three nations during a campaign, negotiate peace settlements with some of them. You can always resume war with the neutralized nations later in the campaign if required.

Check if a nation has lots of allies before you go to war with it. If it does, you will probably also end up at war with most of the nation's allies. Don't declare war on a nation with lots of allies unless it's essential to do so. If it is essential, request that some of the allied nations cancel their alliances with the nation you intend to declare war with. You might need to offer something in exchange, but neutralizing an enemy's allies will give you more chance of victory.

Those are a few tips that will probably shift the odds in your favor during a Napoleon: Total War campaign. However, those tips won't necessarily guarantee a triumphant campaign if you don't have a clear plan. Make sure you have a game plan for your Napoleon: Total War campaign from the outset with which to fulfill the victory conditions.

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