7 handy StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Cheats

The StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty cheats in this game guide make its single-player game a breeze. Are you finding StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty’s single-player campaign tough to crack? If so, check out the cheat codes for that game directly below.

7 handy StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty cheats

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is one of the best ever real-time strategy games for Windows, which Blizzard updated for its 10th-anniversary celebrations in 2020. That game includes a total of 22 cheat codes for its single-player mode. All you need to do to activate them is press Enter to open the speech box when playing and then type a cheat code in. These are some of the most useful StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty cheats to activate.

1. Fast unit build and upgrades

To spawn units really quickly, enter the cheat code CatFoodForPrawnGuns in the speech box. Then units you select to build will be ready to roll almost immediately. This cheat also enables instant unit upgrades.

The Fast Build cheat enabled

The Fast Build cheat enabled

2 Enable God Mode

This StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty cheat enables you to inflict “terrible, terrible damage” on the enemy. Your units will inflict 10 times as much damage with this cheat activated. You can activate this cheat by entering the code TerribleTerribleDamage in your speech box.

3. Remove Fog of War

Fog of war obscures areas of the map where you don’t have units. You can remove fog of war to reveal the whole map with this handy cheat. To do so, tap in cheat code TookTheRedPill in the speech box.

4. Gain 5,000 of each resource

What use is enabling fast unit build when you hardly have any resources to build them? To get more resources, tap in cheat code WhoRunBartertown. You’ll gain 5,000 minerals and gas every time you activate that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty cheat!

The speech box in StarCraft II

The speech box in StarCraft II

5. Get all Tech

Getting the best tech before the enemy can give you a decisive advantage in StarCraft II. However, teching requires heavy resource expenditure. You can instantly utilize all tech by entering the SoSayWeAll cheat code.

6. Free to Build Units and Buildings

You can build both units and buildings for nothing with this cheat activated. Free to build units and buildings certainly make the game much easier! Enter the code MoreDotsMoreDots to activate this cheat. Then you can build buildings and units to your heart’s content.

StarCraft II buildings

StarCraft II buildings

7. Get five million credits

You can purchase units and structure upgrades and hire mercenaries during the single-player campaign with credits. So, five million credits will certainly come in handy for bolstering your army. Input WhySoSerious in your speech box to get five million credits. Note that this cheat doesn’t work for the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm expansion pack.

Starcraft II Wings of Liberty 10th Anniversary Update Trailer

Now you can dominate your single-player battles against the AI by activating those StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty cheats! Note, however, that the cheats above disable campaign achievements (such as the 10th-anniversary ones) when you activate them. You’ll need to load a saved game or start a new one to reactivate accomplishments.

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