Windows 10 is Bad for PC Gaming

PC gamers have had good times and bad times. The advent of online store made life easier, but now that way of life is being threatened. Windows 10 exclusives are growing in number, and that's bad news for PC gamers, even if you have a rig with a Windows 10 OS.

Windows 10 is Bad for PC Gaming
Microsoft did a lot right with their E3 2017 conference. They focused on games, and they showed primarily exclusives. This builds up hype for the Xbox One, and the Xbox One X since all the games shown were running on the mid-gen upgrade. However, few titles were actually exclusive only to the Xbox One/X console. Most will also be available on PC, but only if you have a Windows 10 OS. This is bad news for PC gamers.

For the majority of its existence, PC gaming has been far more inclusive than console games. For a time, things were a bit harder, as rarely games that came to console also came to PC. However, PC gamers stayed strong, because they knew that PC gaming was what was right for them. Then Steam came along and changed everything. Though it originally only housed Valve games, Steam eventually took on titles from all developers and publishers. With online purchases, PC game libraries grew at a tremendous rate. So many Steam users have games they've never even played. With a business model this good, it wasn't a surprise when other publishers wanted to try it out themselves.

The biggest contender was EA's Origin. All of their games moved to that online store, leaving Steam userse with a choice. Accept they can't have EA games on their PC, or just download Origin. Though it came with a lot of problems, Origin has persisted, and improved. Other clients like Blizzard's and Ubisoft's have stuck around as well, plus the other multi-publisher platforms. Though they all offered something different, they all had one thing in common: they were free.

This was vital for PC gaming to keep from becoming divided. A player may not like Origin, but they at least didn't have to pay for it if they wanted to play Mass Effect 3 on their PC. Last year, Windows 10 launched, along with its own online store. Though starting with only a few at first, the store had some exclusives. This was an annoyance, but with so few games meeting this exclusivity clause, it wasn't a big deal. Now after this E3, it has become a big deal.

Windows 10 has been adopted by many, but many still hang onto Windows 7 and 8.1, and some even stick with XP or Vista. Windows 10 has a lot of problems, and shady information collecting features turn a lot of people away. The store itself is also unreliable and a mess, making it even less appealing. However, soon there will be a lot of great and interesting games coming to PC, but only if you have Windows 10 OS.

Whether or not you could play a game on your PC was always a matter of hardware. Some older games don't run well on newer OS's, but there are fixes for that. Now we have a new division, and it's an arbitrary one. There is no reason why a Windows 10 exclusive couldn't run on a Windows 7 PC. This frustrating push by Microsoft to get more users on Windows 10 has become more and more annoying. Console players have always been divided by which console they have. Many games go multi-platform, but flagship titles rarely cross borders. PC players have never had this problem. So long as they have the parts, they can play the game. The massive library is one of the main appeals of PC gaming.

Now PC players still have thousands upon thousands of titles on PC to play with, including many upcoming games. This unnecessary division between Windows 10 users and others is bad for the PC gaming community. My only hope is that, like some of the other Windows 10 exclusives, the exclusivity is timed. Or, even better, Microsoft was unclear with their wording, and these games will be playable on any modern PC OS. If not, then players have a few choices. They could get an Xbox One, which is an expensive investment. They could upgrade to Windows 10, and if they already have then decide to use its broken online store. Finally, they could decide that those games just won't be titles they'll play, despite having the hardware to do so.


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  2. and DOS 5.0! vive la révolution! lol

  3. I agree, but I didnt try to convince you about anything. I know haters like you cant be reasoned with. I just wanted other readers to be careful about your nonsense article. I think I have provided enough real experiences and hard data to prove your article wrong aka biased.

  4. I see, that you are crying, that you have to update to the new OS. You dont like this OS for whatever reason and dont want to do that. I respect that, but dont expect latest technology and games be available to you. To be honest, you should praise MS that is still supporting OS this old. I dont know any other company doing that.



    Windows 10 is by far majority OS of gamers right now, it is exactly 50% of all the OSes on Steam. With Windows 7 far behind (-12%).



    Windows 10 has a lot of features that are not in the older Windows and one of them is the Store itself, store is linked to APIs and updates in the system (UWP). Also XBox functions (that are used for multiplayer) are only on W10. So it makes no business sense to port these to 8 years old system, just because you dont want to update for free.



    Origin, Steam etc. doesnt have such power (and responsibility) as MS does. So they cant “force” you to update system (but Steam for example tried to force people to Linux and failed miserably). Also users with old, not updated systems are poison for everyone on the Internet and hurting MS reputation as a result.



    You are wrong, if the games wouldnt be on Store (aka MS directed platform), they would be only XBox exclusives and you wouldnt be able to play them on PC at all. As you said, store is insignificant right now in terms of market share, so other developers wont do any store exclusive, unless its published by MS. And for MS it makes sense to push their goal. To be honest we can only applaud MS for doing “play anywhere” games, because it hurting them SOOOO much in the war against Sony (PS). Just remember a few years back when Halo, GoW, Forza, KI and many more were on XBox only. Now, there are almost no games from MS that miss PC platform (even if its W10 exclusive).

    • I can see at this point there’s no need to carry on this debate, it’s not getting anywhere and your heels are digging in deeper. Feel about the matter however you like, but you haven’t convinced me of anything.

  5. Old games works mostly fine on WIndows 10. There may be some specific games that wont, but I play Diablo 1, Fallout 1 and 2, Train Simulator and other games from GOG perfectly fine.



    I believe we have similar thoughts, you just blame only the one company. Your title says, that Windows 10 is bad for gaming, but in reality its exactly the opposite. W10 are the best for gaming just for that exclusives alone dont you think?


    I dont even have to mention better performance and if you have SSD, its stupid to have anything older than Windows 8 (just for that startup alone) and if you have gaming PC, W10 can utilize latest hardware the best. Yes there are downsides to the OS as well, like that analytics stuff you mentioned, Edge is buggy, but I cant think of anything that is bad for gaming in W10.


    Also, what is broken about the Store? I have Gears of War 4 and it actually have one of the best graphics settings of all the recent PC games and post launch support is superb.



    Its obvious why MS is pushing W10, its money. And no, its not the money for the Windows itself, its just so much more cost effective to support only latest OS, that it makes perfect sense to do that. I know its cool to hate MS or Windows and there are a lot of reasons to criticize them. But this is not one of them.



    In general, W10 store, Steam, Origin are all bad, but your article just picked one of them to hate for the reason that you decided to stay on 8 years old system for latest games (that also means you have no experience with the system or the store itself).

    • See, the problem is this is not a situation where these games would be unplayable on PC if it weren’t for W10. There’s nothing in that OS that bridges the PC to the next gen of games. So W10 isn’t bringing in exclusives, it’s more that the exclusives are being shoved into W10, behind lock and key.



      Like much of what came with W10, the store is buggy by default. There’s little they could have done to stop that, they were releasing an entirely new OS. Blemishes were to be expected. Perhaps I’m not caught up enough with how the store is now, but everyone I talk to, and the reviews I’ve read, all point at the store as being one of the more frustrating digital games storefront.



      Now, this article is from January of this year, but according to it only 1/4 of PC users have upgraded to W10. That means that, if they wanted to get the most sales, they would make the games available on all Windows OSs (from 7 to 10, at least). Now, I’ll admit, according to another article ( ) 1/3 of Steam users have Windows 10 installed. That’s a good portion, but it’s still not the majority, not even close.



      I’m not hating on Microsoft and calling for pitchforks and torches, but they’re not without their faults. Businesses should be praised for when they do something great for the consumer, but also held accountable when they do something that negatively impacts the market and/or consumer.



      Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG, all of them problems, I don’t think anyone can argue against that. I didn’t “target” them because it’s not relevant or new information. This article was in response to the news that many new PC games would only be available via the W10 store. I brought up the other clients because, despite requiring different clients to get different games, at times, they were all free. W10 is not free, not anymore.



      The reason W10 is bad for PC gaming is it creates a difficult-to-cross dividing line. The advent of other online store clients can create annoyances, but since they’re free, and just clients, the hassle of going through those isn’t major. The lines they create are barely there. Once you add a price tag into the mix, and something as massive as a new OS (compared to just a new program), that line becomes far more impassable.



      You can argue that W10 is not actively hurting PC gaming, and I’ll respect that. Without hard data, there’s not much I can say that won’t, at the end of the day, be summed up with “This is my opinion.” However, it’s far harder to argue that W10 is good for PC gaming. And if a change doesn’t bring about improvements, why have it at all?

  6. I didn’t even consider that, Windows 10 Exclusives stuck with Windows 10.



    But it hardly matters. If it comes to PC, Windows 10 will eventually improve, or its next version will work with games from past versions, in some form, or unofficial patches, or through virtual machines.



    So its a temporary issue, for the most part.

    • You’re right, the problems with W10 are probably temporary, at least the glitches and bugs. However, we can’t rely on that to happen. I do honestly hope I’m proven wrong.

  7. This article is complete nonsense from some Valve fanboy.



    First thing is, that the games that are windows 10 / Xbox exclusive would be only Xbox games otherwise. These are games made or payed by MS and it makes no sense to share profit with Valve. I am not aware that Dota, counterstrike, WoW, Starcraft, Overwatch, Battlefield and many more are available on any other platform then its publishers.



    Also Windows 10 was free for everyone except the pc who couldnt run it. And the computers, that cant run W10, have no chance to run these exclusive games anyway. And if you think steam dont collect your analytical data, you are naive. Also I wonder what you have on phone?



    Steam is monopoly that is cancer for pc gaming. Any effort to get rid of this is welcomed one. W10 is nothing fancy, but it works fine. If you have friends on XBox, its actually the best platform. I am also using GOG and more.



    So MS doing the same as every other publisher. Its as wrong as steam, gog, origin and every other platform other than direct sale from developer. But is much better to have more platforms than be stuck with one just because “your other games are already there”.



    So windows 10 exclusives are the best for pc gamers, because they can now play otherwsie exclusive games. if anything is bad for pc gamers, its that sony is buying everyone and their mother to make everything ps4 exclusive game. but that also makes sense, what else they can do?


    • The last thing I am is a Valve fanboy. Valve has done a lot of good for gaming in general, but they’ve gone long enough without making a game that they can hardly be considered a gaming company, anymore. Valve exists to maintain TF2, DOTA 2, CS:GO, and Steam, and they do a poor job of it with TF2 and Steam. To this day Steam is riddled with bugs and backwards features that at best are an inconvenience, and at worst have severely damaged their credibility and PC gaming. So the last thing this piece is about is defending Steam. I also never said Steam doesn’t collect data, I know they do. Doesn’t make it okay when MS does it, either, though.



      Games being exclusive is not the fault of MS, I know this. Developers choose to take that deal because it means more money in the contract, at the cost of a wider market. When a game also comes out on PC, in addition to consoles, the market becomes far, far bigger. But when you limit it to one operating system, it shrinks considerably.



      What sucks about it is that it’s arbitrary. Yes, there are PCs can’t can’t run Windows 10, and so they are unlikely to be able to run the games coming out on W10. However, not all PCs that can run W10 do. For example, mine. I know the upgrade was free, but I chose not to take it. Some people did and went back on that decision when they didn’t like what W10 had to offer.



      There is no reason, that I can see, why these games are only playable because of W10. My argument is that PC gamers have only had to worry about hardware when it came to running games. Now they have the hurdle of having the wrong OS. It’s ridiculous. I do not believe PC gaming is going to die because of these exclusives, but I also don’t think the W10 store is going to flourish because of them either. Companies try out new things to pull in more consumers. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad. In this case, it’s bad. This of course is still just my opinion, and I am glad you decided to share your own.


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