5 Early Predictions Heading Towards WWE Fastlane

Here are my 5 early predictions shortly removed from WWE Payback and heading into WWE Fastlane. Everyone is surprised that Jey Uso left the company, and now even more so having recently come back to the Raw brand. This gives him a little bit of a buffer from The Bloodline who mostly hangs out on Smackdown.

5 Early Predictions Heading Towards Fastlane

We are about to take a fast track here in this article to WWE’s next premium live event, Fastlane. And questions after WWE Payback have begun. What is Jey Uso going to do to The Bloodline after being reinstated to the company for the red brand? Who is going to defeat Gunther after making history as the longest-reigning Intercontinental champion by beating Chad Gable? And what is next for Becky Lynch after winning against Trish Stratus inside a steel cage? Here are my thoughts on some early predictions coming out of Payback.

The Miz Has a Match With John Cena

The rivalry between The Miz and John Cena has been a long and impactful one. The two haven’t seen eye to eye throughout their careers in the WWE. This was only proven to be the case once again when John Cena decided to get into The Miz’s affairs once more at Payback. After the segment on Miz TV that The Miz had on Raw, I think that the two will possibly enter the ring one more time as opponents. Where this match takes place, I’m not quite sure…but there is clear friction between the two just as much as there was when it came to their match at WrestleMania. 

The Miz welcomes

The Miz welcomes “invisible” Cena to MizTV

Finn Balor Gets JD McDonagh Into The Judgment Day

The way that Balor kept talking up JD McDonagh over the last few weeks suggests that he is going to single-handedly bring McDonagh into the mix. Damian Priest is not really feeling it when it comes to JD McDonagh joining the ranks of the faction, and Dirty Dom and Rhea Ripley appear to be indifferent about the whole situation. Therefore, I believe that JD McDonagh will eventually join The Judgment Day strictly because Finn Balor will make it happen. Not because of the other members wanting it to happen. Although, Damian Priest and the others are warming up to him as of late doesn’t necessarily mean they are completely on board with him joining their faction. But, it does make Finn’s job more easier.

The Judgment Day talking

The Judgment Day talking

Raquel Rodriguez Is About to Have a Successful Run

After recovering from being injured by Rhea Ripley, Raquel is getting on the right track to take over the division. Having recently beaten Chelsea Green on Raw, she challenged Rhea to a rematch but this time she said that Dirty Dom would be banned from ringside during that match. This could lead to a victory against Rhea Ripley, even though you have to deal with an entire faction in The Judgment Day to make this happen. Regardless, I believe that Raquel Rodriguez will go on a singles run that will be very successful. Eventually, she will rejoin with Liv Morgen down the road. She might not be able to defeat Rhea Ripley due to the numbers, but her victories will come in droves in the next couple of months.

Raquel telling everyone there will be a rematch against Rhea

Raquel telling everyone there will be a rematch against Rhea

Jey Uso and Sami Zayn Win the Tag Titles

This one is a stretch, I will admit this. But, I think that there is a small chance that we see these two warriors team up and go on to win the tag team championships. Their history has been rich for the last year, with Sami trying to convince Jey that leaving The Bloodline is the best option for him, and the fact that the two shared a hug on Raw recently makes this possibility even more legit. Jey Uso apparently has something to prove having recently come back to the company on Raw. And this might be the first stepping stone that he might want to seek.

Jey and Sami in the ring

Jey and Sami in the ring

Chad Gable Finally Defeats Gunther

Having Gable lose in a crushing defeat to Gunther on Raw in front of his family has me thinking that this is just a speed bump in Chad Gable finally picking up singles gold in his career. Gunther may have won the opportunity to call himself the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in company history but at the end of the day, I believe that Gunther will lose to Chad Gable, thereby losing the title to him in the process. There is just too much at stake riding on beating Gunther for Chad Gable at this point to not get the job done. 

Gunther and Gable in the ring having a match for the Intercontinental Championship

Gunther and Gable in the ring having a match for the Intercontinental Championship

There are my predictions recently removed from Payback and heading into Fastlane. 

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