2 Current WWE Factions That Are On The Rise (And 3 That Aren’t)

Here are the two factions that are currently looking good as of late, and three that need to improve in the WWE. With a lot of factions and stables that are recently forming within the company, all of them should be trying to be the best they can be to compete against the competition.

2 Current WWE Factions That Are On The Rise (And 3 That Aren't) - Cover

It’s that time to take a glimpse at the current landscape within the WWE when it pertains to factions. What’s hot and what’s not? There are lots of factions in the WWE at the current moment, and they are either falling apart or blasting off into Success Central.

Certain ones include factions like Alpha Academy who, even though Chad Gable didn’t defeat Gunther for the title, is seeing a huge momentum shift than they did just a few months ago. Other people that are not doing too well at the present moment are The Brawling Brutes. They are still a crowd-favorite stable, but their wins and losses can see some improvement. Now, we take a look at five factions that are either doing really well or poorly in the here and now within the WWE

The Bloodline – On The Decline 

What a year makes in the world of Professional Wrestling. In 2022, everyone thought that this faction known as The Bloodline was going to stay dominant for years to come. Ever since the faction decided to allow Sami Zayn to join the faction by giving him a special shirt to signify his official membership into The Bloodline is when the faction would experience a steady decline in supremacy, and would later see Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens win the tag titles against The Usos at WrestleMania.
Unfortunately, Jey and Jimmy Uso have not been the same since that moment in time, and have had a shaky relationship, to say the least. Even though Jimmy Uso has recently returned to the ranks of The Bloodline, Jey Uso is still on the outs. And Sami Zayn will continue to do his best to make sure that the faction doesn’t return to glory. 
Jimmy returns to The Bloodline

Jimmy returns to The Bloodline

Also, with The Tribal Chief not on solid ground as of late, the faction will show even more deterioration until he gets to what he once was when the faction was formed three years ago. However, his biggest challenges are still ahead when he faces off against Jey Uso again down the road. Because I personally think that their story isn’t quite finished yet between the two. Their history is rich among one another.
Lastly, the member of the faction that really shocks and surprises me that he’s been as loyal to the stable as much as he has is The Wise Man Paul Heyman. He showed his sheer commitment to The Bloodline the second he decided to stab Brock Lesnar in the back. That took the question mark out of the equation as it pertains to him in terms of whether he will be faithful to the faction or not once he did that. 

The Judgment Day – On The Rise 

This one was a tricky one to get a pulse on because the faction is such a roller coaster of ups and downs regarding their unity. Dirty Dom and Rhea Ripley are the only two members who appear to be Judgment Day members for life. Damian Priest seems to be indifferent week by week. Finn Balor wants to be the leader but he wants to recruit a new member, JD McDonagh, into the faction which could possibly form ripples within the group.
I am putting The Judgment Day in the rising column simply because all of the members are carrying gold. That spells success in my opinion. And if you think about it even further, if Damian Priest does decide to leave and is replaced by JD McDonagh…that doesn’t automatically mean that the faction will experience a descending downfall as a result. 
The Judgment Day

The Judgment Day

The Brawling Brutes – On The Decline

This beloved faction of three is slowly dipping into mediocrity as the weeks go by. They can’t seem to get a grip on a steady string of wins ever since they tangled with Imperium. Gunther beating Sheamus when it came to the Intercontinental Championship was when they started to run on fumes. Is this faction done for? In my opinion, they shouldn’t be. Their popularity has been consistent. They are still a solid team to not be broken up. We shall see what is coming next for the team that enjoys fighting on fight night. 
The Brawling Brutes

The Brawling Brutes

Imperium – On The Rise

It’s kind of hard to say that they aren’t doing well when their leader of the group is now the record holder for the longest reign in the company’s history as Intercontinental Champion. Although the faction has seen its share of not seeing eye to eye on things mostly in the ring, they are still a pretty good faction. Besides, most factions that are good are going to have some squabble from time to time.

Gunther is clearly going to make sure that he does everything in his power to keep the stable at the top spot in the Intercontinental Division. And the other two members are going to follow suit because this faction is only concerned about getting the job done when it comes to winning a match inside the squared circle. Whereas, other teams want to indulge in fun outside of the ring. They are not about that one bit. 

Imperium coming out

Imperium coming out

Maximum Male Models – On The Decline 

I think it’s safe to say that the Maximum Male Models are basically disbanded at this point. They came over to Raw from SmackDown and basically spent the first few months getting morphed into Alpha Academy. Or I should say their leader, Maxxine Dupri has. Ever since Ms. Dupri joined up with Alpha Academy initially for Otis… MMM hasn’t been seen or heard from since. In fact, I would be surprised if this faction is still a faction at this point. Nevertheless, we shall always remember their strut and antics both away from the ring as well as inside of it. Who can forget their attempt at producing a Christmas-inspired music video?
Maximum Male Models

Maximum Male Models

Those are the five factions that are doing either good or bad in the WWE. We shall see whether this changes for them down the road, and if other factions step up along the way. 

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