3 Reasons Why Astro Bot Should Be the PlayStation Mascot

The new face for PlayStation is here, and it's Astro Bot. While it's a new addition for Sony, these little bots are already making a big impression. We're going to list the reasons why Astro Bot should be the face of PlayStation from now on.

3 Reasons Why Astro Bot Should Be PlayStation's Mascot

When thinking about the big three video game companies, you often associate them with a mascot. Nintendo has Mario and Microsoft has Master Chief. But with Sony, it doesn’t have a definitive mascot currently. In the early days, Crash Bandicoot became the icon for PlayStation. Then over time, multiple characters like Kratos or Nathan Drake took Sony’s stage.

But, there’s one character that Sony needs to embrace as its face. That’s the cute and adorable Astro Bots. These robots were introduced to the PlayStation VR and gained an even bigger audience with the PlayStation 5 tech demo, Astro’s Playroom. Right now, Sony has the perfect opportunity to establish Astro Bot as the mascot of PlayStation.

1. Showing Off PlayStation’s Power

Play with no limits.

Play with no limits.

Despite only have two games (and a minigame in The Playroom), the Astro Bot franchise is highly acclaimed. A big part of that for both games is the showcase of its respective console’s wonders. Astro’s Bot Rescue Mission showed how magnificent the PSVR is and how unique the DualSense controller is compared to any other controller out there. With each big new thing that Sony introduces, Astro Bot can be the perfect thing to present to the players. Whether it’s the follow up to the PSVR, PlayStation 6, or even something different in that vein, this cute character can showcase its potential.

2. Memorable Design

Astro adorable.

Astro adorable.

You can tell how noticeable a character is just by looking at its silhouette. Astro Bot stands out with its adorable design. Generally, each bot is light blue and white, small and stout with an antenna on its head. Not only are the Bots memorable by its physical appearance, but also the sound design and personality. All the Bots have this gibberish language and this high pitch scream whenever the player makes them jump. It doesn’t become overbearing at all; in fact, it’s quite charming. 

3. Astro Bot Pays Respect to the Past

Bot Bot Revolution

Bot Bot Revolution

Astro’s Playroom did a fantastic job of showing its appreciation towards PlayStation’s history. It featured numerous Easter eggs from Sony’s past, even with some deep cuts like the PS Eye Camera, shows a lot of dedication. You don’t have to go heavy every time with the throwbacks, but sprinkling a little but can be very beneficial. Nostalgia is a powerful marketing tool that I believe Astro Bot can pull off. It shows that it has a lot of charm and pull off homages to past games in its own way.

Astro's Playroom - Gameplay Trailer l PS5

So, what character would you like to see as the face of the company? What do you think of Astro Bot being the PlayStation mascot? Let us know in the comments down below.

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