Top 5 Persian Influenced Games

Persian people always had a strong presence in the Gaming industry. Today we take a look at the top 5 Persian influenced games. You can check them out and expand your knowledge of Iranian achievements!

Top 5 Persian Influenced Games
So, two days ago was the beginning of the Persian new year. First of all, Happy Nowrouz and year 1398. In honors of that, I as an Iranian, with the most experience with the games of and about my country, am introducing the Top 5 Persian Influenced Game. That means games that have a main Iranian character or are made by Iranians or in association with an Iranian developer or publisher.


Top 5 Persian Influenced Games. Mir-Mahna. The first FPS Iranian made Game.

Mir-Mahna is a first person shooter game, developed and published by ESPRIS with Morteza Rezaei Yami directing and designing the game, Behnam Aghajani programming it and Behnam Shojaei, Ebrahim Diba and Hossein Diba doing the artistic work for it and Payam Azadi composing for the game. This game uses TGEA engine and was released for Windows in February 2011.

After taking a look at the trailer above, you might think that this is ridiculous and primitive but let's keep in mind that this was the first Iranian made game ever, so that in on itself is impressive. This game was also the first to ever be announced in an international panel (Gamescom 2010). The story of the game is about Amir of Kharg, Iran and his defense against the invasion of Dutch Colonial Forces in Iran during the 1740s.


Top 5 Persian Influenced Games. Garshasp The Monster Slayer. The first ever internationally released Iranian game.

Garshasp The Monster Slayer was the first Third Person Action Adventure Iranian game ever. It had some sort of a Prince of Persia vibe to it. It was one of Iran's strongest efforts in the game industry. This game was Iran's first partnership with a foreigner game developing company AND it was the first internationally released Iranian game.

Garshasp: The Monster Slayer Trailer

Developed by Dead Mage Inc and Fanafzar Sharif Co., published by Lohe Zarine Nikan inside Iran and Just A Game for international release. This game has interesting graphics for the second Iranian game created. It has an eyecatching character and environment design with gameplay inspirations from Darksiders, Prince of Persia and God of War. This game was also the first ever Iranian game to be released on Steam.

I recommend you get it from Steam and try to ignore the critics and just experience it for yourself.


Top 5 Persian Influenced Games. E.T Armies. The first Iranian game ever to be shown at E3 and winning an award.

ET Armies is another FPS game made by Iranians and so far, the most impressive game graphics wise. Also, it is the first Iranian game to ever receive an international award, to ever be shown in E3 and to use an official game engine (Unreal Engine) for its construction.

ارتش‌های فرازمینی : تریلر گیم‌پلی‌

As you can see in the gameplay trailer, the game's environment and gameplay is reminiscent of Crysis and COD AW. This game was published and developed by Raspina Studios and it is good to mention that it is the first ever multiplayer included Iranian game. It was released on August of 2015. It is our 3rd and Bronze spot.

You can check this game out on Steam, if you like.


Top 5 Persian Influenced Games. The Cat and the Coup. An unbelievably amazing story telling masterpiece.

Now you have heard of storytelling gaming masterpieces such as INSIDE, Limbo or Little Nightmares that are covered with symbolisms and hidden lore, with unique styles and a deeper meaning, well, you just also described The Cat and the Coup. Filled with amazing and deep symbolisms and telling a proud part of the Persian history. This game is the best Iran has to offer. Give the 4k remaster's trailer a watch.

The Cat and the Coup - Launch Trailer | PS4

This game was amazingly well received by the critics and the people, scoring nines and tens across the board. It was also the first Iranian game with multiple awards and the first Iranian game to have a PS4 port. This game was developed by Kurosh ValaNejad and Peter Brinson, marking our second international partnership. It was released on June 15, 2011.

Top 5 Persian Influenced Games. The Cat and the Coup. Filled with symbolism and hidden lore.
This game tells the story of Mohammed Mossadegh (Iran's Prime Minister) and how he broke the hold on Iran's oil and how he met his sad demise by CIA and MI6 during the 1950s. He fought the corrupt government and he fought the foreign control and he WON. This game tells the story of the most patriotic Iranian man.

You can experience this game's original on Steam, for free, or you can pay 5 dollars and get the 4K remake.


Top 5 Persian Influenced Games. Prince of Persia. the best Iranian game not made by Iranians.

And who didn't see this coming? The hack and slash masterpiece made by Ubisoft, dozens of Guinness Records under its belt and it is a true honor that this game tell the most ancient and magnificent story written in Persia's (Iran's) History, The story of Rostam\Prince Dastan. This franchise put the Persian history in perspective and showcased it for the world to see.

Top 5 Persian Influenced Games. Prince of Persia. 30 Years of Persian Glory.
These games are directly telling the stories of Iranian Mythologies found in the internationally famous piece of literature, Shahnameh, written by Ferdowsi, Which is one of the most amazing epics of all time Some of the characters in these games even have Farsi voice lines. PoP turned 30 this year which is amazing because it took 30 years for the Shahnameh to be written. Thank you Ubisoft for making the ultimate Persian dream.

That is the list and on behalf of all of us at KeenGamer to all of our Persian followers, Marry Nowrouz and Happy New Year!


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    The trilogy “Quest of Persia” is missed in this list …

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