The Video Game Industry’s Obsession With Remakes

What exactly is the deal with all of these remakes? Why do they happen? What are some good and bad remakes? I will discover all of the main reasons games get remade and list some of the best and worse remakes I can think of.

The Video Game Industry's Obsession With Remakes
With the recent release of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, it got me thinking, why are so many games getting remade? Turns out this has been a thing for a long time.

what a remake is?

A remake is something like the recent Spyro Trilogy , or the already mentioned Resident Evil 2 Remake, where the game is rebuilt from the ground up, typically with a different type of gameplay, such as Resident Evil 2 going from fixed camera to an over the shoulder game that still successfully gets the mood and atmosphere. A Remaster is something like Dark Souls remastered,

A remaster isn't quite the same as a remake...
Which is just an up-res of the original, some fancier textures, maybe a gameplay tweak or two, a remaster usually makes it look better but the game is essentially the same otherwise (some remakes seem only to be graphically polished until you play the original and remake side by side/one after the other). Now, why would a company want to spend resources remastering something? Sometimes even if the game was just released one console generation ago?

The first and most obvious answer is money, if something is very successful the first time it will probably be successful again, if even essentially just porting it over with just a simple up-res (Remaster).

But why do full-on remakes happen?

Typically because of money, again, but also more because of the love for games like Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 1and Shadow of the Colossus

Sometimes even the classics need to be redone to be playable
People love games like these, and for good reason.

But trying to go back and play them now without nostalgia goggles is just a horrible experience overall, so sometimes for a new generation to experience older games like the above you need to remake it to make it playable by today's standards.

what are some games that have been reMade right?

Sometimes remakes seem to be remasters until you feel the gameplay

Resident Evil 2 

They Successfully give the feel of the originals (I'll be it, more atmospheric and with less "campiness"), with more workable and modern controls and general quality of life improvements, graphics are a big example of this, In the RE 2 remake specifically even changed the cameras perspective from fixed to over the shoulder, which goes without saying that it is much more modern than fixed camera angles.

games from the beginning of the 3D game era definitely need polishing

The Crash Bandicoot, N'sane trilogy 

The N'sane trilogy Is a great example of simplicity in remaking, same hard gameplay, same angsty Bandicoot with jorts, same feeling, but MUCH better graphics.

Some remakes are essentially ports with a bit of a remake to them to make it work on the system, but some ports are essentially remakes, depending on how much time between releases and effort by the devs

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D 

Ocarina of Time 3D Is a classic example of a remake done right, what makes the original a masterpiece plus more modern sensibilities (fewer glitches and such).

Now how about the "bad" remakes?

Mobile games are almost a plague to people that enjoy classic games
Immediately when you think of bad remakes, Mobile versions of your favorite games typically come to mind, but one of the worst offenders is definitely Dungeon keeper for mobile, even without nostalgia goggles and ignoring the microtransactions, the original is worlds better, more interesting, not pay to win, etc. You can buy the original on GOG and Origin, Do that and ignore the existence of the mobile version is my take on it.

Sometimes Remakes in the same series aren't that good compared to others
On the opposite end of the spectrum from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, lies The Legend of Zelda Majoras mask 3D, A remake of a classic that is known for being unique that dumbs down the uniqueness, again the original is better but if you have no other way you can play Majoras mask I guess that this one is okay, just not preferable to the original like a good remake should be.

In conclusion, whether you like the idea of your favorite aging games being remade to work with modern sensabilities, or you think that remakes are just stupid cash grabs pushed out by companies, there's no denying that the idea of remaking games or films or music is here to stay.

What do you readers think? favorite and least favorite remakes? Games you want to be remade? comment below to add to the conversation!

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