The 4 Best Oculus Quest Accessories For Sweat Resistance In 2020

If you use the Oculus Quest for fitness, as well as gaming, then this is the guide for you. When wearing the Quest tight to your face, it is easy to work up a sweat. However, by using some of these sweat absorbent and sweat resistant accessories, you should be able to keep your Oculus Quest clean and enjoy VR workouts while keeping good hygiene.

Best Oculus Quest Accessories for Sweat Resistance Cover

One of the best things about the Oculus Quest is that it is wireless. The Quest allows you to move around at will and really work up a sweat within the confines of your guardian boundaries. If you are choosing to abstain from the gym due to COVID or just plain laziness, a VR workout via the Oculus Quest is the next best thing. However, one issue with VR workouts is sweat. If like me, you sweat ten times as much as the average human, this could become a big issue. But don’t worry! In this guide, I will go over the best Oculus Quest accessories to help with sweat resistance. 

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Please keep in mind that this is all my personal opinion, based on the accessories I’ve tried. However, to this day, I haven’t met anyone that sweats more than I do. So if these accessories work for me, chances are they’ll work for you. 

1. Sweat Absorbent Skull Caps

This is by far my most-recommended, and in my opinion, the best Oculus Quest accessory on this list. The best thing about them is that the brand doesn’t matter much and they are relatively cheap and easy to find. These caps are normally used for a variety of aerobic sports, such as cycling or running. Therefore, they should be more than sufficient for the average VR gamer.

Thin Skull Caps are Essential for Sweat Resistance in VR

Thin Skull Caps are Essential for Sweat Resistance in VR

The brand I personally use is Clarente, but this brand might only be available in Japan. They are light, thin, and quick to dry. I recommend buying at least a set of four. Usually I go through one or two in a 1-hour VR fitness session. Keeping four on hand means that you don’t have to do laundry everyday or wait for them to dry when you want to bust out a VR workout. To find them, simply go to a shop that sells fitness accessories. To buy them online type in “helmet liner sweat absorbent skull cap” in Amazon and you should be shown especially thin skull caps. I recommend finding thinner ones as they will be more comfortable and dry faster. 

2. VR Cover Silicone Cover 

Full disclosure: VR Cover has not paid me for this review in any way. However, they did send me this product for free to review. Nevertheless, the following is my true opinion. 

The Official VR Cover Silicone Cover for the Oculus Quest

The Official VR Cover Silicone Cover for the Oculus Quest

Silicone covers are among the most common accessories that new Quest owners get right away. The standard facial interface that comes with the Quest is made out of material that is great at absorbing sweat. However, continuously absorbing sweat into your headset quickly gets gross and unhygienic. Silicone covers are one way to deal with this issue. They are incredibly easy to slip on and silicone is waterproof. Therefore, the silicone cover blocks any sweat that runs down your head or accumulates on your face. The sweat can not get into the fabric interface and instead, sits in place, or runs down your face. 

An example of a common unbranded silicone cover for the Oculus Quest

An example of a common unbranded silicone cover for the Oculus Quest

I have tried both no-name brand silicone covers (often produced by lesser-know Chinese manufacturers) and the VR Cover version and I definitely recommend VR Cover’s version. The main reason is that the difference in quality is evident. The VR Cover version was slightly thicker, and the no-name brand I tried felt flimsier in comparison. More importantly, the VR Cover version is made from medical grade silicone which is unoiled and doesn’t cause skin irritation. This isn’t an issue for me, as I don’t have skin issues, but it may be for some gamers.

Furthermore, the costs were not that different. At the moment, I can find unbranded silicone covers for $11 USD on Amazon and the VR Cover version retails for $14 USD (shipping costs will likely vary depending on your location, so I have not included them here). 

Quickie Review - Silicone Cover for Oculus Quest

Downside to Silicone Covers

The one downside to silicone covers, regardless of brand, is that you must constantly take off the headset when too much sweat accumulates. When I play Thrill of the Fight, I find myself taking off the headset between every round to wipe off the accumulated sweat before jumping back in again. This is only a problem in really intense fitness sessions. When playing less-active games, you should be fine cleaning the silicone just at the end of your session. 


3. Microfiber Cloths

This is less for sweat-resistance and more for simple hygiene. However, microfiber cloths are among the most important accessories every Oculus Quest owner should keep. Please do not buy dollar-store cloths. If you scratch your lenses up badly, there is no way to fix them. Therefore, when wiping sweat off the lenses of the Quest and the camera lenses, only use high-quality microfiber cloths. When I say high-quality, you don’t need to go to the Ritz-Carlton. You should be able to find decent ones for anywhere between $4 – $10 USD.

4. VR Cover Facial Interface Replacement

Full disclosure: Again, VR Cover has not paid me for this. However, they did send me this product for free to review. Nevertheless, the following is my true opinion. 

A great thing about the Quest is that the stock facial interface can easily be replaced. In fact, it is simply a snap-on, snap-off part that can be removed in a matter of seconds. Hats off to Oculus for having the foresight to add this option, which allows for third-party developers to create comfort mods and sweat-resistant mods for the Quest. One such mod by VR Cover is the replacement leather foam interface. 

The Leather Foam Facial Interface Replacement by VR Cover

The Leather Foam Facial Interface Replacement by VR Cover

This interface easily snaps on to the Quest headset and setup takes less than 10 minutes. The foam padding itself is lined with vegan leather, creating an easily wipeable and cleanable surface, helping you get rid of sweat buildup.

In addition to better hygiene, this interface is much, much, more comfortable than the stock facial interface that comes with the Quest. The foam padding makes all the difference in the world. More than that, since the padding is thinner than the stock interface, it brings your eyes closer to the lenses, giving you a wider FOV. This may be a good or bad thing, depending on your face type, size, and comfort levels with VR.

However, one important thing to note is that unlike the silicone cover, these materials are not 100% waterproof. Some sweat will soak into the padding and dry over time. Therefore, I recommend you take off the headset every 30 minutes to wipe off the interface (if you want to keep it extra clean). Otherwise, for short play sessions with less-sweaty individuals, these interfaces should be ideal. In you want a 100% sweat resistant solution, then you are better off going with the silicone cover.

Oculus Quest VR Cover Review

Final Thoughts

In my personal opinion, if you are 100% all-in to VR, I recommend getting all of these products and trying which ones feel best to you. For me, I get quickly uncomfortable with the silicone covers because I sweat like a fountain. So if I don’t take the headset off within 10 – 15 minutes of Thrill of the FightI feel the sweat dripping down my face or the back of my neck (because none of it soaks into the headset). Thus, you know that the silicone is doing its job, but that makes for kind of uncomfortable play sessions.

This is the reason why I use VR Cover’s foam interface, and consider it one of the best accessories for the Oculus Quest when it comes to sweat hygiene. It has more sweat resistance than the Quest’s stock interface (which is pretty much a dry sponge). You can take it off and easily clean the surface with microfiber cloths or electronic wet wipes. The fact that it does absorb some sweat means I don’t have to take the headset off every 10 – 15 minutes to wipe it down. To me, this strikes the best available balance between hygiene and comfort. 

As someone who plays VR literally every day (I may have an addiction), the smallest changes in comfort and hygiene make all the difference in the world for me. 

I’d also like to note that there are probably more products out there that can help us sweaty VR gamers out. If you know some products that I haven’t mentioned here, please let me know in the comments below! I’m constantly searching for more ways to make my VR workouts more comfortable, so if you know of an item that can help me out, don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments or message me on Twitter. 


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