Nintendo Switch Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas getting ever closer, if you are still looking for a last minute Christmas gift for the Switch owner in your life, or maybe you just want to get yourself some accessories? We've got you covered with our Switch Christmas gift guide.

Switch Christmas Gift Guide
Christmas is right around the corner now and we're all running out of time to pick up some last minute gifts or stocking stuffers. If you have a Switch owner in your life or are looking to pick yourself some accessories up, we've got you covered. We have already let you know where you can get the cheapest Switch over the festive period and into the new year, but what about the best accessories? Read on to find a selection of my favourites and suggestions for the best accessories Switch owners would get a lot of use out of, would love to have and probably don't already have.

Nintendo eshop gift card

Switch Christmas Gift Guide - eShop Gift Cards
If you are buying a gift for a gamer and don't know what sort of games they like or what they already have, this is your best bet. Probably the least exciting gift idea on this list, a Nintendo eShop gift card. They come in a variety of monetary amounts ranging from $5 to $70. Perfect for downloading either indies or AAA games. If you do receive an eShop gift card and don't know what game to get, I recommend HyperLight Drifter if you haven't tried it out already.

A Case

Switch Christmas Gift Guide - Amazon Basics Switch Case
Every Switch owner will at some point need a case for their console if they want to travel with it and not worry about any damage. There are numerous different options to pick from, whether it be a soft or hard case or have room for extras such as game cartridges. If you want to take all parts of the Switch or if you are happy just taking the main body and JoyCons, there are options. There are large cases or smaller cases to suit every use case.

Satisfye switch grip

Switch Christmas Gift Guide- Satisfye Switch Grip
If you, or the person you are buying for, tends to play longer sessions in handheld mode, you, or they, will find that after a while the Switch starts to feel off in the hands. With this grip, the Switch feels bulkier and with the off-set right hand is easier to hold for longer play sessions. It's asymmetrical and more ergonomic than some other grips on the market at the moment. The Satisfye Switch Grip also aims to replicate the feeling of a pro controller, which is by far the comfiest method of playing a Switch.


Switch Christmas Gift Guide - PowerA Wired Switch Controller
If playing docked is more up your alley then you can't go wrong with a good wired controller. PowerA has a great selection of both wireless and wired controllers, with the wired controllers being the cheaper option. If you don't want to shell out $60 on a Nintendo branded Pro Controller, PowerA has you covered with this wired controller which comes in both a Mario design and a Zelda design. Other wired pads are available as well such as the officially licensed HORIPAD at a cool $20.

A SPare dock

Switch Christmas Gift Guide - Switch Dock
If when travelling with the Switch, you or the person you are buying for is likely to run low on power a spare dock would not go amiss. While there are numerous third-party docks on the market, it is always best to go with the official Switch dock and charger to make sure no unnecessary damage or harm comes to your Switch.

an sd card

Switch Christmas Gift Guide- 200gb SanDisk SD Card
Buying digital games on the Switch is easy and before too long the Switch's internal memory will be filled with game downloads and save data. That's where an SD card becomes invaluable. The best dollar to storage option I have found is the 200gb SanDisk SD card, though smaller, cheaper cards are available, I don't recommend going with anything under 64gb though.

Do keep in mind that as it is as close as it is to Christmas, these products aren't guaranteed to arrive in time to be gifted but why limit gift giving to just one or two days a year?

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