3 Ways Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Can Help Relieve Pandemic Anxiety

These 3 ways help bring relief to your anxiety by tuning into the magic of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. Without a shadow of a doubt, the pandemic has proven to be this generation's greatest challenge. But never fear, because comfort is here.

3 Ways Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Can Help Relieve Pandemic Anxiety Cover

Living in a pandemic world has challenged everyone but in many ways, it has brought people together by showing compassion and kindness to each other. These are also the words that describe the Kingdom Hearts series, as it’s been a loving presence in people’s lives ever since its debut in 2002. I’m not surprised that it continues to comfort us as we move forward in our ever-changing world. Like a true friend, it’s been there for us always. Struggling with anxiety is common and is nothing to be ashamed of. One of the best ways to calm down is to take a few deep breaths, but did you know you can also play Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory as a bonus way to relax? Let’s skip to the beat!

1. Slowing Your Brain Down

You may be worried that playing a rhythm game would cause more anxiety. I’m right there with you as I had the same concerns, but allow yourself to think about the experience like this: having a game where you listen to the beat helps get your body moving and gives that ball of anxiety a place to go so it can ease those racing thoughts and effectively slow your brain down. Tip: You can also use the one-button feature so you won’t have to worry about matching the timing exactly. This is not available on World Tour, unfortunately.

When I started getting in the flow of the music I forgot where I was, even that I was in my own house! All kidding aside, I forgot about my anxiety as I felt a sense of calm wash over my entire body and I was transported into another world. Traditional therapy taught me to focus my attention on something else to remind myself that I am safe and okay, as anxiety triggers that fight or flight response. Well, before I knew it hours had flown by, since playing Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory made me feel safe and okay!

2. Makes You Smile And Gives You A Choice

How many of you have had a rough day at work and just can’t wait to get in the car, turn on the radio and listen to music on the drive home? Well, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory provides you with a handy dandy song list. Or if you prefer, you could visit the museum, which contains a jukebox where you can listen to each song without having to participate in gameplay. Picking a song that makes you feel good will help relieve your anxiety and help you regain control and perspective of what’s going on around you.

When it comes to this pandemic, I’ve had my good days and bad days, but being able to whip out my Nintendo Switch on the fly and having the choice to listen to the music on its own or its in-game stage was insanely helpful to me. Anxiety can make me feel like I have no control over the situation, but Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory reminds me that I always have a choice. My feel-good song was “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid as I smiled brightly as I played the stage.

Atlantica melody of memory

3. Give Yourself A Break!

Opening up about your anxiety while healthy can be emotionally draining, so it’s important for your well-being to take a break. Kingdom Hearts is a series that has helped people during their darkest hours. Most often when we have a moment to ourselves, we tend to become more insightful and understanding of what we feel and our circumstances. Letting yourself breathe without interruptions is encouraged as it allows you to listen to your own inner voice and carve your own path forward.

I am a very open person by nature and nothing improves my connections toward others more than sharing with each other what we are going through. Sometimes however, I just need a moment to connect with myself and take a break from my everyday reality. Getting sucked into Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory helped me regroup when I truly needed to!

Final Thoughts

This has been a hard time for humankind, but if we keep our eyes open to some of the core values that the Kingdom Hearts series taught us: compassion, kindness, and humility, we will always remember to come together. It’s great that Sora and his friends are here for us again in Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory!

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