Four of the Best Android Game Emulators for Windows 10

Android gaming is getting better and better every day. Windows players can also play the vast majority of mobile games on their desktops or laptops with emulators. The article list below includes four of the best Android emulators for Windows.
Four of the Best Android Game Emulators for Windows 10

Four of the Best Android Game Emulators for Windows 10

Mobile gaming is booming, and you don’t even need a tablet or smartphone to play Android games! You can play all the best mobile and tablet games on laptops and desktops with Android emulators. The best Android gaming emulators bring almost all mobile and tablet games, and other types of apps, from Google Play to Windows platforms so that players can play them on larger desktop monitors. If anything, the games look and play even better on Windows as players can configure the controls for gamepads. These are some of the best Android gaming emulators for Win 10.


BlueStacks is the Android emulator of choice for millions of players. The latest BlueStacks 4 version is freeware software (with an ad-free premium subscription) that players can run on Windows platforms from XP to 10. Players can also run BS 4 on Mac OS Sierra and Mojave platforms. The software requires DirectX 9.0 or higher, and XP users will also need .NET Framework 3.5 and Windows Installer 4.5 installed to run this emulator.

The BlueStacks 4 website boasts that BS 4 is the world’s fastest mobile gaming platform. The emulator runs games six times faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9. Therefore, BlueStacks possesses one of the best emulation engines for Android games. The emulator enables users to sync their Android mobile apps, SMS and photos with Windows and play games simultaneously in multiple windows with Multi Instance. Furthermore, BS 4 also offers players BlueStack Points for certain actions within the emulator that they can redeem on the BlueStacks Store, which is a good bonus.


Ko-Player is an intuitive and relatively lightweight Android emulator that’s great for both mobile games and productivity apps. This freeware emulator requires a minimal 512 megabytes of RAM, which is somewhat less than most of the alternatives. Players can run Ko-Player on 32 and 64-bit Windows platforms from XP up.

Players can run at least 99% of Android games, and other apps, from Google Play with Ko-Player. The emulator is based on x86 (Intel and AMD) architecture and includes advanced OpenGL and DirectX settings. Ko-Players UI replicates the Android OS so that the software has the same look and feel as that platform. Users can even utilize system tools and open Android settings within Ko-Player. Ko-Player also enables players to customize game controls with keyboard mapping, capture screenshots and even record gameplay.


NoxPlayer6 is an emulator based on an Android 4.4.2 kernel that provides reliable and fast gaming. The emulator is compatible with Windows 10 to XP, and there’s also a Mac version of NoxPlayer. It is compatible with both Intel and AMD architecture. Unlike BlueStacks, this is a freeware emulator that includes absolutely no ads.

Nox is another emulator with a UI design that matches the Android OS. Nox provides out-of-the-box Google Play integration, which isn’t something every Android emulator provides. It includes a lot of handy options and features, too, as players can configure CPU and RAM utilization, switch between DirectX and OpenGL rendering, and fully customize controls with keyboard mapping. NoxPlayer also supports gamepad controls and enables players to play multiple games simultaneously. So, it packs in all the essentials for Android emulators and a little more besides.


MEmu is a still a relatively new Android emulator that’s getting better and better with regular updates. The latest MEmu 6.1.0 version rolled out in March 2019. Players can run this software on Windows 10, 8.1 and 7. This freeware emulator is also compatible with both Intel and AMC architecture.

Although the MEmu’s UI replicates somewhat antiquated Android platforms, it is still a fast and responsive emulator that can match BlueStacks in terms of gameplay speed. The software is neatly integrated with Google Play, supports file transfer between Android devices and Windows, and includes plenty of options with which to customize graphics and controls. MEmu users can capture screenshots and record gameplay footage. The software’s key mapping even enables users to set up custom macros for games that they can activate with hotkeys. So, this is certainly an Android emulator worth noting.

Those are four of the best emulators to play Android games in Windows with. Even if you already have an Android mobile device, it’s worth installing one of those emulators just to expand storage space for game apps if nothing else.

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