Arkham Legacy: Next Batman Game?

A reliable leaker states the next game in the Batman series will be named Arkham Legacy, and gives some minor details on the content of the future title. Rocksteady, who are rumoured to be working on the next Batman game, are yet to release a game since 2016. Their last project was Batman: Arkham VR.

Arkham Legacy Next Batman Game?London based studio Rocksteady, famous for their Batman Arkham trilogy, is once again in the center of leaks. Earlier this year sources suggested the title of the next game in the franchise to be Batman: Arkham Crisis. Now, leaks appear in the form of Batman: Arkham Legacy via Twitter user @New_WabiSabi.

Alongside the title of the next game, the user provides vague information regarding gameplay, suggesting that the Batman family could be available to play with during the main campaign. If this is true, we can expect to see familiar faces from the franchise including: Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood and Batgirl, all characters who’ve had their separate DLC for Batman: Arkham KnightI don’t know about you guys but personally, I would love to have some sort of playable experience with Alfred, maybe a chapter that gives us insight into his SAS/MI6 days.

It’s difficult to say that Twitter users and leaks are the best source of information regarding rumours in the games industry. But @New_WabiSabi has in the past nailed a lot of rumours, notably a whole bunch of E3 2019 information, including knowledge of Keanu Reeves’ involvement in Cyberpunk 2077. Interestingly in early June, @New_WabiSabi revealed that Nintendo was threatening to take legal action against them.

Any who, I am rather excited to revisit Rocksteady’s Bat-world. It would be interesting to see the angle they take on the next title, given the way things ended in Arkham Knight. Earlier this year I wrote a short piece on ways in which the next game could be approached, check it out here. What would you like the next title to focus on? Is there anyone you would like to play as instead of the Dark Knight? Drop a comment below and stay tuned for more Bat-news!

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