6 Indie Games to Look For in 2022

It's the year of the indie! These 6 indie games are shaping up to be some of the year's best and brightest. From epic adventures across a fantasy world to story-rich narratives of music, love and grief, this year's indie lineup is looking good so far, so why it only seems right to highlight a few of the incredible indie titles we can look forward to in 2022.

6 Indie Games to Look For in 2022

You can always expect good things to come from the indie game scene. Unique gameplay, beautiful narrative, weird and wonderful ideas, you name it. Now in 2022, it looks to be one of the best showings of indie games we have seen in a while. So, I dug through the long list of great games coming our way this year and picked just a few standouts that I think are worth your time and money. 

Without further ado, here are 6 indie games to look for in 2022! These are in no particular order, and If you think this list is missing a particular potential indie darling, feel free to comment below and let me know!


Let’s start with a game about cats because everyone likes cats.

Set in a cybercity full of neon-lit alleys, Stray has you take control of a curious cat who along with their drone buddy B12, looks to find a way out of the murky and decaying metropolis in this third-person adventure game.

STRAY | Teaser Trailer

Aside from the obvious bonus of playing a cat, the game itself looks and sounds to be true to form adventure, as you can roam through the city streets and find playful ways to interact with the environment, be it as a nimble and stealthy feline or a silly and annoying lump who bothers the cities droid citizen. The game also looks to have an interesting narrative, as you must untangle an ancient mystery to escape the long-forgotten city, which by the way looks stunning from what we have been shown so far.

This looks to be not only a great game for cat lovers, but an interesting take on an adventure game, and one you should keep your eyes peeled for when it releases some time in 2022.

Figment 2: Creed Valley

Now let’s take a trip into the mind, quite literally.

Taking place within the human mind, you take control of dusty, the mind’s courage, in an action-adventure game about facing your fears head-on. You will have to make your way through the human mind solving puzzles, fighting musical bosses, and exploring unique environments.

Figment 2: Creed Valley - Prologue Karaoke Teaser

Figment 2 boasts some pretty cool ideas that are bound to catch your interest. You can switch between the mind’s two states, Open-minded and Closed-Minded, which can drastically change the environment around you and how you progress in the game. The combat and puzzles draw from the rhythm game genre, having you navigate combat and puzzles in time to the game’s soundtrack. Plus, you have engaging bosses to battle as you restore the mind’s harmony in what looks to be a beautiful narrative that’s set in an equally beautiful world that looks unique.

Those looking to experience an emotional journey filled with unique worlds and layered and intriguing gameplay would do well to play this entry when it releases in February 2022. If you can’t wait that long, why not try out the prologue which is available now on Steam!

Afterlove EP

Next up we have a story of love, loss, and music.

Afterlove EP comes from the mind of coffee talk creator, Fahmi, and takes place in the town of Jakarta in Indonesia. You assume the role of Rama, a young musician dealing with the loss of his girlfriend, Cinta. Blending elements of narrative adventures, dating Sims, and rhythm games, Afterlove EP looks to tug at your heartstrings whilst also being a beautiful tale of love and sweet music.

Afterlove EP - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Narrative lovers will have a field day with this indie game, as it boasts all the trapping of a good story-driven experience. The narrative looks like a heartwarming and emotional ride, filled with multiple choices and endings that are shaped by your decisions. The visuals are beautifully showcased with a manga-inspired style that is full of life and flair. Along with that, the gameplay blends together elements of three distinct genres, with rhythm game and dating SIM segments adding a bit more flavour to this narrative adventure. This game truly has the potential to be one of the year’s highlights in the indie scene.

Those with a love of good music and narrative-focussed offerings should look no further than Afterlove EP when it releases in summer 2022.


Prepare to set off in a classic-style adventure in this highly anticipated entry.

TUNIC is an isometric action game set in a world full of discovery and adventure. You play as a small green tunic-clad fox. Armed with a sword, shield, and curiosity, you’ll explore a world full of monsters and treasures to unravel its mysteries and undertake a big and epic adventure.

Tunic - Official Gameplay Trailer | [email protected]

By taking influence from classic games such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, TUNIC has will easily get into the good books of fans who love similar cosy action-adventure titles. But even if it hadn’t, this epic adventure looks to stand on its own two feet with ease. You’ve got tons of places to explore in the game world like sprawling ruins and labyrinthine catacombs. There are cool and unique items to collect, each unlocking new potential in both combat and exploration. Tons of treasures and secrets to find, all coming together to emulate the thrill of old school adventure games of yesteryear, letting you be curious and daring in a fun and rewarding way.

If you want to scratch that adventurous itch, then TUNIC looks to be the perfect game to do that when it launches on March 16th 2022. 

Neon White

It’s heaven vs hell, but with a new and unique twist

In this first-person action platformer, you take control of White, an assassin from hell who along with a host of other demon slayers, must compete for a chance to ascend to heaven and live in peace.

NEON WHITE | Reveal Trailer

Neon White looks to be everything you could want if you are a time attack or speedrunning fan. Gameplay revolves around quick movement, precise platforming, and a unique battle/traversal system called Soul Cards. You pick up these cards as you move through levels, using them to attack foes or discard them for unique movement abilities to take their parkour antics to the next level. With different combinations and shortcuts to discover, there looks to be plenty of replayability with Neon White. Plus, it looks incredible, with a distinctive style that only adds to the games original take on heaven and hell.

Those who favour being the quickest, most deadline assassin in the afterlife should check out Neon White when it releases some time in early 2022.

Sea of Stars

Lastly, let’s take a look at an RPG that quite simply looks incredible.

Sea of Stars is a retro-inspired RPG set in a magical world and tells a tale of two children of the solstice, giving them the powers of eclipse magic. With this magic, they set out on a journey to stop an evil alchemist known as the fleshmancer who has been creating monstrous creations and terrorizing the land. 

Sea of Stars - Summer Game Fest Trailer

Sea of Stars may be influenced by the classic, but every aspect of the game has been modernised and reimagined into something truly special. Combat is full of depth with timed attacks, multi-character combos, a “lock” system to hinder enemies in combat, all whilst having no grinding or random encounter. Traversal is seamless, playing more like a platformer as you swim, jump, climb, vault and any other movement you can think of across a vast world. The world is absolutely beautiful, boasting some of the most gorgeous pixel art I’ve seen in years. On top of that, the RPG elements are plentiful, with tons of activities that look to immerse you in this incredible world that’s just bursting with charm.

Usually, one shouldn’t pick favourites, but with a game that looks this incredible, it’s hard not to be excited to jump into this amazing-looking RPG when it releases sometime in 2022.

Do you agree with this list? Any other indie games you are looking forward to this year? Drop a mention in the comments below!

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