6 Creative Games for Creative Gamers

Let your creativity run wild! These 6 games might help you spread your creative wings. Sometimes instead of running and gunning or button mashing, it's nice to sit back and let your creative juices flow. Whether that's making wacky structures or drawing beautiful pictures, there is probably a game that will help scratch that creative itch.

6 Creative Games for Creative Gamers

Letting out your expressive side can be a wonderful thing. It can help relieve stress, bring new ideas to life, or just be a fun past time. So what’s better than getting to play some great games whilst spreading your creative wings? With that being said, these are 6 of the best creative games for creative gamers. With a variety of consoles, genres and prices, you are sure to find something here to help start or feed your creative endeavours. 

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Platforms: Switch

Ever wanted to be a level designer? Thanks to Nintendo, that dream can become a reality. Released for Nintendo Switch in 2019, this game is essentially the toolkit for making any Mario level you can think of. 

From choosing the aesthetics to the nearly limitless creative possibilities, every level can be as unique as you want it to be. What really makes this game special is the sheer number of options it gives you with its huge range of tools, parts and options to use. Not to mention the massive amount of levels you can play from other players that always present you with new and unique ideas to play or try yourself. 

Even nearly two years later, there is still a ton of fun to be had in this excellent sandbox of Mario delights, and thanks to the Switch’s portability, you can make levels whenever you get the itch.

Any fan of the Nintendo’s golden boy who fancies stretching game design wings would be amiss if they didn’t give this one a try.

Garry’s Mod

Garry's Mod Trailer

Platform: PC

If we are going to talk about creativity, then we have to mention Garry’s Mod. This physic sandbox isn’t your traditional game, but it’s one that has one of the most vibrant and active communities you’ll find in gaming.

Garry’s Mod lets you play around with a host of objects, NPC’s and other elements from popular Valve games to create a host of weird and wonderful objects and contraptions. Plus, its incredible modding community and players have been able to create entire games or animations with this software, ranging from Trouble in Terrorist Town, Prop Hunt, and Spacebuild to name a few.

Whether you just want to mess around with physics or delve deep into making game modes and coding, this tool is a great way to get creative and possibly learn some new skills about game design and development along the way.

Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie - Story Trailer | PS4

Platform: PS4

Creativity can be a great force for good, and this charming entry embodies that spirit in beautiful fashion.

This PS4 exclusive has you journey through the small town of Denska. After finding a magic paintbrush, the player is able to paint beautifully colourful and diverse paintings all across the town.

What makes this special though is the freedom you have when painting. Players can choose from a variety of objects and creatures that they want to paint, changing aspects like size and colour to make each painting unique and have very different personalities. Not to mention it plays a big part in the gameplay too.

Plus, it’s just a bonus that it’s got a great story and is a beautiful game.

If you fancy something with a bit more of a narrative focus to your creative endeavours, this action-adventure game is a prime choice.

Feel free to check out our Concrete Genie review and see what you think!

The Sims 4

Platforms: PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

This series has had creativity at its heart since its inception, and its something that has helped keep it one of gaming’s best-selling franchises.

In this life-simulation game, you create virtual people called sims (duh) and have them live out all kinds of weird and wonderful lives. Whilst you have to manage their needs and wants, the amount of freedom the game offers is nothing short of excellent.

From complete customization of your sims and their homes to every facet of their lifestyle, it’s easy to get sucked in and absorbed by the sheer amount of creative ways to play in this huge sandbox. Plus, playing with friends can add a little bit of extra chaos if that’s your thing.

With a HUGE amount of expansions for the latest entry, The Sims 4, and great mod support, you’ll find plenty of creative and interesting ways to play that is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Sure, you may never want to stop playing, but what’s wrong with that?


Official Minecraft Trailer

Platforms: Literally everything

Yes, this was going to be on this list; how could it not?

Whether playing alone or with friends, the sky is the limit when it comes to your creative ideas in this behemoth of a game. Players explore randomly generated worlds whilst getting the necessary tools and materials to make pretty much anything they can imagine, and I mean anything.

From the tiniest little home to world-sized cities and structures, there is no way you can play a game like Minecraft and not get the creative itch. Plus, with modes like survival for an added challenge, creative to give you unlimited resources, and mod support, every kind of player is welcome and catered for. Not to mention it’s on every. Single. Platform.

This gaming juggernaut is more active and creative than ever. With updates still coming out to this day, you’ll always find or think of something new to make or do in this stellar sandbox of limitless possibilities.

Feel free to check out our Minecraft review and see what you think!

Animal Crossing (Series)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nintendo Switch Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

Platforms: Switch, 3DS, Wii, DS, Gamecube

Okay, maybe it’s cheating to include the whole series here. But when every game is so good, it’s kind of hard to pick one.

First released in 2001 in Japan, this Nintendo darling has been a fan favourite for many years and as the series has grown, so has its creativity. Players are able to create and customize their own villager, including their outfits which can be brought or designed by the player for a more unique look.

You also can customize your house with tons of different furniture, decorations and items you buy or collect during your time playing, all whilst interacting with the huge array of animal neighbours. Plus, you get to name your town or island, pick its anthem, and even reshape the island itself in the newest entry, New Horizons.

It’s easily one of the most joyous and carefree games around, so if you fancy escaping into a world of expression, creativity and generally good feelings, this should be your number one pick.

Feel free to check out our New Horizons review and see what you think!

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