5 Satisfying PlayStation Exclusive Platinum Trophies

For a PlayStation user, nothing is more satisfying than the pinging sound of a platinum trophy. Whether gained from a genuine love for a game or an example of dogged perseverance, the digital icon is a mark of accomplishment. Here are five of the most satisfying PlayStation-exclusive platinum trophies you can earn.

5 satisfying PlayStation exclusive trophies

The debate around what role trophies play within the PlayStation community is still heated. Some consider them meaningless digital trinkets, while others see them as markers of achievement in the hobby they love. I’ve spent time in both camps but have recently found myself squarely in the latter. If you’re new to trophy hunting and looking to get a few platinums under your belt, I recommend checking out the brand’s exclusive collection. Here are the five most satisfying PlayStation platinum trophies.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

I had to begin with the game that introduced me to trophy hunting, Insomniac’s masterful take on the friendly neighbourhood superhero, Marvel’s Spider-Man. This is the best Spider-Man game ever made without a word of hyperbole. The development team nailed every aspect of the web-slinger, from Yuri Lewenthal’s voice acting to developing the perfect swinging mechanics to bring the player into that space. Zipping around Manhattan is seamlessly smooth, ramped up by a music score that dips and rises along with Spider-Man. It is arguably the best superhero game ever made.

The Subway. Because sometimes web slinging is overrated.

The Subway. Because sometimes web slinging is overrated.

On the trophy front, the game is a perfect beginner’s platinum. The list is heavy on collectables and rewards the player for exploration because you will want to explore every nook and cranny. Side missions will hone your spidey skills, plus a few trophies for completing specific medal-based trials. Along with some miscellaneous trophies that you have to go out of your way for, the remaining can all be earned by simply playing what is among the best narratives you can find in a PlayStation exclusive. Roughly, you’re looking at 25 hours for that platinum to pop, which considering some games, is a dip in the ocean of time spent.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available on PS4/PS5

Astro’s Playroom 

Astro’s Playroom is a delightful platformer that revels in the history of PlayStation, making it a must-play for all PS5 owners. There’s nothing complex here, and the platforming sections are straightforward, but it’s never not an utterly joyful experience that shows how far the brand has come since the mid-90s. Each level has hidden trinkets of PlayStation’s past that can be collected and stored in a vast chamber with everything from a PS4 to a massive PS Move controller. While not a long game, Astro’s Playroom ended up being a sleeper hit on the new console, showing off the DuelSense controller while celebrating the hardware of yesteryears.

27 years of PlayStation history.

27 years of PlayStation history.

The satisfaction of this platinum comes from the journey itself. Every inch of this game oozes nostalgic charm that brings back beautiful memories from twenty-seven years of gaming. Most trophies are linked to finding different hardware in the various worlds Astro explores. Time trials will test your knowledge of each level and a tonne of Easter eggs that platform fans will appreciate. Astro’s Playroom will demand around 5 to 10 hours of your time, depending on your skill. Not bad for what was a free game for early PS5 adopters.

Astro’s Playroom is available for free on PS5

The Last of Us Part II

Rarely does a game come along that puts me through the emotional ringer as The Last of Us Part II. Set several years after the original, Joel and Ellie have found a community thriving in the post-apocalyptic world. A chance meeting turns Ellie’s life on its head, setting her on a path of bloody revenge. We also see the world through a new character, Abby, who split fans’ opinions. From a technical standpoint, TLOU2 was and remains a marvel! The gameplay was refined, fluid and violent, making every fight heart pounding. Whether it’s the narrative, gameplay or graphics, TLOU2 is one of the best games ever.

This scene is emotional. If you know, you know.

This scene is emotional. If you know, you know.

TLOU2 is a surprisingly straightforward platinum that highlights PlayStation’s move toward more accessible exclusives. You can split this platinum into two sections – Story/collectables and NG+. Throughout the open world, you’ll collect many things; artefacts, trading cards, journal entries and coins. As you progress through the story, you’ll have to find all these things. It’s well worth your time if you enjoy world-building, plus there are some cool Easter eggs for Naughty Dog fans. Everything else revolves around weapons, upgrading and exploring the gorgeous devastation of the Pacific Northwest. The satisfaction comes from allowing yourself to be taken in by the narrative and allowing yourself to experience emotions that conflict us. The platinum belongs in your trophy library.

The Last of Us Part II is available on PS4/PS5.

Uncharted: Legacy Of Theives Collection 

While not the first time Naughty Dog has appeared on this list, I’d be remiss not to include Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. Combining Uncharted: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: Lost Legacy, this incredible bundle offers the best action and story from the franchise, packing spectacular set pieces and a surprising emotional punch. Uncharted 4 catches up on a now retired Nathan Drake struggling to live a life without adventure. When his brother turns up out of the blue, the lure of treasure forces Drake to seek his fortune again. The equally fantastic Lost Legacy brings together Chloe Frazier and Nadine Harris as they delve into deepest India on the hunt for an ancient civilisation.

Treasure hunting is a family business.

Treasure hunting is a family business.

Unlike every other game on this list, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves requires you to complete both bundled games on the hardest difficulty (Crushing). On top of this challenge are speed run trophies that’ll test your knowledge of each location to the limit. Along with a mass of collectables, this bundle is a heck of a challenge which will leave you raging at times but never ready to give up. Platinum run times vary, but you’re looking at fifty hours at least if you’re both thorough and quick. By the time the trophy pops, you’ll have explored Panamanian prisons, craggy Scottish coasts, Indian jungles and war-torn cities. Without a doubt, an epic conclusion to an epic franchise.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves is available on PS5.

God Of War 

When Kratos resurfaced in 2018, he was not the god we once knew. Old, wiser, and a father, God of War is a near-perfect game that delivers on all the grandeur and violence of the original games while telling a more sophisticated and nuanced story. Kratos has escaped Greece and found himself in Midgard with a dead wife and a son whom he must train if they are to survive the fight ahead. When a stranger comes knocking, an epic journey through the nine realms begins, and it’ll stay with you until Ragnarok come. Christopher Judge delivers a controlled performance as Kratos, together with an ensemble cast that brings this mythological world alive.

An epic worthy of the title.

An epic worthy of the title.

You can platinum the entire game on easy mode and still experience everything the game has to offer without grindingly tricky combat. But, sooner or later, you’re going to hit a wall. That wall is called The Valkyries. These nine optional boss fights will test your combo skills to the limit and typically are where most people flounder, but these Valkyries are simply the starter to the main course, the Valkyrie Queen, Sigrun. This one boss is easily the most challenging fight in the game, even on the lowest difficulty. She combines all the attacks of her sisters, along with an intimidatingly long heath bar. You’ll rage and maybe contemplate giving up. But prevail, and it will be the most satisfying platinum you’ll ever earn… possibly.

God of War is available on PS4/PS5 and PC


While these five games are by no means all PlayStation’s exclusive selection has to offer, they are amongst the best. In my opinion, all five of these are must-play games, exemplifying why a PS5 belongs in everyone’s set-up. Have you popped any of these five platinums? If so, let us know down in the comments.

God of War – Story Trailer | PS4

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