5 Neon Genesis Evangelion Games You’ve Never Heard Of

With the Rebuild of Evangelion series finally wrapped up, check out these hidden gems for a video games fix of existential mech drama. The iconic series has seen many titles for consoles and PC over the years and offers super-fans a further expansion on the world of Evangelion. All that’s left to do is get in the robot!

5 Neon Genesis Evangelion Games You've Never Heard Of Cover

For as renowned as Neon Genesis Evangelion is, it’s guaranteed that a good collection of games have been made based on it. Despite the lack of English ports, these games are worth playing for anyone with unanswered questions following the final chapter of Hideaki Anno’s cult hit. It’s a weird bunch, from mega-mech battles to pre-apocalyptic dating simulations. All that is for sure is that Shinji Ikari is in for some action.

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion (1997)

Released exclusively for the Nintendo 64 following the incredible success of the television series in its native Japan, Neon Genesis Evangelion allows players to step into the narrative.

Nintendo 64 Longplay [045] Neon Genesis Evangelion

This time, you’ll be the one taking control of the powerful Evas to battle with the invading Angels. There is an exciting variation in gameplay, from FPS moments with Shinji rallying bullets into Angels to Street Fighter inspired levels that pit the pilots against the alien force with melee combat. Also, there are some rhythm minigames, which, admittedly gimmicky, provide a refreshing twist to the near-constant onslaught.

A highlight here is the score, carried over from the series with as much detail possible for the technical limitations of the time. The soundtrack in Evangelion is of the highest quality in its original context, but when you’re in control of the action, there’s an added sense of tension and excitement.

 2. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel (1997)

If the underlying romantic themes in Evangelion are too understated for you, then you need to play this title. Girlfriend of Steel is a visual novel emphasising Shinji Ikari’s love life. The game even introduces an entirely new character that takes the usual love triangle and adds another chaotic element.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel Pt. 1 (English Subs, No Commentary, 1080p)

As to be expected, there is minimal action in the experience and gameplay is limited mainly to walking between cutscenes. The crux of the game is in the final decision between siding with Kaji, Asuka, or the newly added Mana Kirishima. It might not be one for those longing for the cataclysmic scale of the original series, but the much-loved characters finally get to a little more time to find their light-hearted side.

This genre twist makes for a nice change of pace and is especially attractive to those who couldn’t get enough of the Slice of Life moments in the End of Evangelion.

3. Misato Katsuragi’s Reporting Plan (2009)

A weird one, but a fun one. Releasing exclusively on PS3 in 2009, this title is more of an application than an actual video game, with a 3D rendered Misato reading the news to the player. There’s little to do but scroll through menus and listen to the relayed information. Fortunately, the selected classical pieces from the series and films do well for background music. 

Evangelion, Katsuragi Misato News Report Project

However, these are some of the best looking menus you’ll have ever seen. Click away from the Misato news desk, and the iconic red, yellow and orange on black of Evangelion stream across the screen. It’s probably as close as you’ll ever get to being tech support at NERV HQ.

4. Evangelion: Jo (2009)

A Rebuild of Evangelion equivalent to the Nintendo 64 title, Evangelion: Jo lets the player jump once more into the fray with the slightly altered storyline. With improved graphics, an even more immersive score, and entertaining gameplay, it’s a joy for anyone too young or out of the loop to enjoy the 1997 release.

[PS2] ヱヴァンゲリヲン:序 - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Jo (Completed)

Like some other games on this list, Evangelion: Jo is a must for Evangelion super-fans as it provides that much desired extra context for the series. With the vamped up pacing of the Rebuild series, lots of elements were glanced over in the first two Rebuild films and can be explored and enjoyed in more detail here.

5. Shinji and Good Friends (1999)

If the non-stop world of intimidating technology and world-ending robots isn’t your bag, Shinji and Good Friends has you covered. Gendo is the King, and Misato is the Queen in this solitaire simulation. Instead of stopping the destruction of everything, all you need to do here is clear the board.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Shinji and Good Friends (Demos)

Again, the music is a highlight. In particular, the piano-roll version of End of Evangelion‘s closing number Komm, süsser Tod. The tune is still surprisingly apt for this much less apocalyptic context. That’s all there is to see here, but it’s another welcome variation from the anticipated Evangelion formula from the predominantly visceral style of most Eva related media. 

With these Evangelion games and their surprising variety, there should be enough here to tide you over until the third impact.

(Videos by World of Longplays, Beyond Electric Sheep, Erial Krale, and Haruza.)

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