5 JRPG Music Pieces Sure To Pump You Up In The Mornings

Ever been in the position where you just don't want to get out of bed? Probably had a bad night's sleep or just lazy? These JRPG music pieces will surely get you on your feet and make you moonwalk or head bang your way to a better morning.

5 JRPG Music Sure To Pump You Up In The Mornings

We’ve all been there. A morning where you just can’t get up, no matter what you do. However, I’m here to help you with that! I present to you 5 music pieces from JRPGs that’d make you want to groove or head bang your way out of your room!

First of all, just a little bit of clarification for the term “JRPG”. There are two kinds of definitions that exists. One from a design standpoint and one from a general one. The design standpoint usually classifies a game as a JRPG when it has turn-based combat and anime-esque graphics. The general one classifies a game as a JRPG when it’s made in Japan. For this article, I’m going to use the general standpoint.

Another clarification: the pieces listed here will be from different franchises. Meaning, I’ll only include one piece from one franchise (or else this list would be 3/5 Persona 5). This isn’t a ranking list either, so being higher in the list doesn’t mean that certain piece will make you get up much faster than the bottom ones. Though, I kind of wish they do. That’d be awesome.

This list actually took a lot of time to make because there’s just too much great music pieces from these games. I just listened to one and before I knew it, I dug a hole around me and just couldn’t stop listening to more of them, which prevented me from writing about it. But no worries, for I overcame my musical demons!

5. Birth of a Wish – NieR:Automata

Starting off with an explosive one, are we? Damn right, we are. Originally, I wanted to put “Grandma” here from the same game. But I decided against it, as I felt like that kind of piece is reserved for situations that require epic music such as boss fights. Like when you actually fight your boss or something. Just kidding. But anyway, here we are with its much more chill cousin, “Birth of a Wish”!

4. Servant of the Crystal – Final Fantasy Type-0

Of course, music from Final Fantasy. But it’s not from the mainline, this one is from a much humbler game called Final Fantasy Type-0. Anyway, where my rock people at?! This piece right here utilizes heavily distorted guitars and a much heavier rock vibe than the orchestral vibe NieR:Automata is offering. It’s a balanced piece that doesn’t really sound annoying in the morning. Have a listen!

3. Break: A Settlement in the Red Bluffs – Octopath Traveler

Probably my most favorite piece in this list. Hey, hey, hey, before you put your pitchforks up, I’m talking about a different arrangement. I mean, the original is good and all, but if you want to wake up? It just won’t do it. Yasunori Nishiki, the composer of most, if not all of the music of Octopath Traveler, has released an album called OCTOPATH TRAVELER Arrangements – Break & Boost-. In this album, select music pieces from the game has been rearranged, and one of them is “Settlement in the Red Bluffs”.

It starts off with the same vibe as the original, which makes you feel like you’re in some kind of tavern. Violinists playing a standard tune, double bass doing its bass-y job, you know, all that jazz. But when you think it’s all over, you’ll notice that the music has changed tempo and the atmosphere has changed. Your eyes wandered to the band and met the solo violinist’s. His eyes glowed red and started going wild with his solo while the band followed suit. It’s something that justifies a statement such as this:

It’s like you’re suddenly plunged into a boss battle with a resurrected Niccoló Paganini. Also, yes, I tweeted that just for this article. Without further ado, “Break: A Settlement in the Red Bluffs”!


2. Riders of the Light – Bayonetta

The witch has made her appearance! This piece just asks you, “You want to groove?” and the answer is always yes and never no. Imagine setting this as your alarm and you immediately start to pull off dance moves on top of your bed, disturbing the order that was once there. Not just that, it also makes you feel as fabulous as Bayonetta herself. I also imagine this as a fashion show background music where people just show off their Bayonetta-esque fashion! Cat walk your way out of your room, you go girl! Or bro… you get what I mean.

Bayonetta OST - Riders Of The Light

1. Wake up, Get up, Get out there – Persona 5

Ah, yes. The inevitable Persona 5 music. Everyone and their mom loves it. I know, I love it, too… even though I haven’t played it yet. Blasphemous, I know. But before you flame me on why I didn’t choose “Last Surprise” well, I mean, read the title. Isn’t that just the perfect one to wake you up? All jokes aside, I had a hard time choosing between the two, but “Wake up, Get up, Get out there” emerged victorious because of its much mellower sound. “Last Surprise”, in my opinion, bombards you with its strings, which makes you think it’s party time; I mean, you just woke up. It’s not party time yet, maybe play it in the evening or something, man. “Rivers in the Desert” also came close, but fell short to “Wake up, Get up, Get out there”‘s mellow grooviness. I like the music, but damn, it’s such a pain to type. Anyway, here you go!

Persona 5 - Wake Up, Get up, Get Out There

Wait, what’s this I hear?! Is it time for bonus music?! Oh, crap, it is!

Bonus: The Days When My Mother Was There – Persona 5

All right, hear me out first. I talked about three different Persona 5 music tracks, but this one isn’t there. Yeah, because this one’s a little special to me. First time I heard of this piece was when I lost my grandmother, and ever since then, I just kinda vibed with it. Then I stumbled upon J-Music Ensemble’s cover. Obviously, they changed parts of it and made the music theirs just like great cover artists should, but what hit me hard was the rap part they added and the sax solo right after that. It’s just… you know. Pretty good. Anyway, here you go! J-Music Ensemble’s cover of “The Days When My Mother Was There” from Persona 5!

Persona 5 - "Days When My Mother Was There" Live @ BBG Sakura Matsuri 2019 // J-MUSIC Ensemble

Wait, it’s not over yet?

Yup! Not over yet, because here’s the best part! Most of the music I mentioned here is available on Spotify! Well, except “Wake up, Get up, Get out there.” But J-Music Ensemble also covered it, so we’re safe! I made a playlist of it, so you can just grab it from there and add it to your personal playlists!

How about you guys? What JRPG music gets you pumped in the mornings?

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